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Okay, so Ive just seen a tweet. with the work load and my time management, i have no other time to blog, and i’ve done my one a month thing. So this blog, is very rushed.

Ive seen this tweet

I just need to comment. I dont know why. I have to make you aware, I have only skim read the blog. The blog post and tweet sing the same hymn sheet. This dude from the Kik company is always ahead of the curve. It doesnt matter who gets there, eventually the goal is united and therefore people will receive this tech.

I think this is a sad sad topic. Since the rise in tech, we have left behind our sticks and fists. We have grown more and more into our brains. For me, I can see we are turning into those aliens with big heads. The tech industry is taking off, but it would seem it’s going in the wrong direction. This is my opinion and i know people disagree with me.

Communicating ideas and concepts is what we do. Digital tech allows us to expand out globally. Great! However these AI chatbots are really not going to aggregate anything positive. They will just generate more voices. These voices would also be void.

The real work has to be where people connect and stay loyal to brands and projects locally. There is a great deal to still learn about functioning projects with better management tools to allow locals to engage. This is where my experience kicks in. I have seen companies stick and stand the test of time. The reason why they do this is because they have a following. They have systems that allow those to communicate and engage.

Dont get me wrong. These bots or specifically ‘chat bots’ are cool and do have a place. I just feel its a lazy and ingenuine way of dealing with real people online. Whilst VR is taking of, this topic of chatbots seems somewhat dated and possibly even dead.

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