Ten Years of Tea and Toast

It’s actually been TEN years. The journey has been fun and interesting. Through those years we have grown and done a great deal. In a true artist fashion, we are still very small and humble and don’t shout about what we do. What do more of is tweeting and talking about things we have done. This is what has been our greatest success. We have had the luxury of being happy and content with enough work to keep us busy. Our clients are people who we have built relationships up with and still talk to. 

This has to be the hardest blog post to write as reflecting is not something I do often in the open public. I think that the best think I can take from my situation is that I have an awesome life ahead of me. Im very lucky in many ways.

Tea and Toast is something that will stay and could be made big and sold on, but i never will make a sale from it. Instead, the next ten years will continue to grow, from strength to strength. No matter what the site and target is, the voice of the writer (me) will always be present. Its a bit like having a personal touch, only I like going a few miles extra to prove a point.


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