Looking Further Afield

During my week so far I have had to consider my position here in my home city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. The reality is that I could be providing a service to many more people. When trying to serve to a niche market, it can also be very limiting within one city. Being able to tap into subcultures in other cities could be one way to extend and continue in delivery of a unique service.

Portland Oregan
Portland Oregan

What better place to go than Portland in Oregon. Literally out of nowhere, I have found myself tapping into a ‘white rose’ city in America. It all seemed to begin with @rizzotweets who attended #SMMW16. Wow what an event it was. From this little buzz of social interaction we soon found many more new likes, retweets and followers from comments we made on the event. One particular tweet, which, was created by Get Little Bird about Forbes was of interest to myself and many Portlandians. The tweet we shared is still getting likes days later!

Stemming from local creative communities, we have discovered a volunteer run radio station @FreeformPDX that seems to be very fresh and funky. We like their style and offered them some free artwork.

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