Celeb Death.

So here is an amazing and interesting subject. Its one I may need to be sensitive about. Apologies to anyone if I do say something offensive, it’s not intended that way.

Recently, there have been many pubic celebrity deaths. Here is a little list to pay tribute to those who have passed away so far in 2016.

:: Prince , muscician dies 21st April
:: Rock legend, actor and artist David Bowie died aged 69 on 10 January
:: Die Hard and Harry Potter actor Alan Rickman died aged 69 on 14 January
:: Eagles frontman Glenn Frey died aged 67 on 18 January
:: Broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan died on 31 January aged 77
:: Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, died aged 89 on 19 February
:: Actor Frank Kelly, best known for playing Father Jack in the comedy series Father Ted, died aged 77 on 28 February
:: Coronation Street creator Tony Warren died aged 79 on 1 March
:: Beatles producer Sir George Martin died aged 90 on 8 March
:: Magician Paul Daniels died aged 77 on 17 March
:: Comedian Ronnie Corbett died aged 85 on 31 March
:: This Morning agony aunt Denise Robertson died aged 83 on 31 March
:: Sherlock Holmes actor Douglas Wilmer died at the age of 96 on 31 March
:: Howard Marks, the former drug dealer and writer known as Mr Nice, died aged 70 on 10 April
:: Reality TV star and music producer David Gest, the former husband of Liza Minnelli, died aged 62 on 12 April
:: British playwright Sir Arnold Wesker died aged 83 on 12 April
:: Comedian Victoria Wood died aged 62 on 20 April :: Goldfinger and Live And Let Die director Guy Hamilton, who died aged 93 on 21 April

:: Goldfinger and Live And Let Die director Guy Hamilton, who died aged 93 on 21 April
:: Superstar Prince died aged 57 on 21 April.

Now. With so many deaths, how should the media sustain this and keep track. Surely after a few people die, there is a general lack of shock when someone else dies. Public reaction will be to think, ‘oh another death’. Next, the public reaction (in my opinion) is to react based on the success of the celeb. In the case of Prince, it’s a bigger shock. When I looked at the list above, I straight away thought, wait, Guy Hamilton was important and needs more exposure.

I guess that’s the question. Do they need expose. How do we get the info and should the media be selling celeb deaths to us? This blog was written but of my own thoughts but the push to write it came from source Jim Johns where it becomes clearer that the deaths are natural and there will be more to come. Society has more deaths because there are more of us, just as there are no more celebrities grazing the earth. 

This diagram supports my argument. I know, it sounds harsh, but we should not really be shocked. The shock is really that the graph shows a massive growth. Right, back on topic, media…

It does seem that there are no real trends currently in place where people can change this level of information. The media has a massive hold, as there is nowhere else that deals with celeb deaths. I think that in the future there may be a place where non-media persons, who are leaders within the social media world, would speak about these deaths. The power of media is due to fall further into the hands of bloggers, tweeters and youtubers. Is it logical to now think that there will be a celeb memorial service provided by the fans themselves through social media. If this were to happen maybe the media would have less of a need to report this information.

I did say that this could be a touchy subject and I hope I’ve covered it well. Please do comment with your thoughts.

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