Snow and Reggae



Today is one of those high days for me. I woke up an decided to be happy. I jumped, or bounced, out of bed and did the cliche thing of opening the curtains. Much to my dismay I found a draft of cold air hit me followed by snow hitting the window. The world had frozen over like the ice age hit us in one swoop. Great!

As I said, I woke up happy and often wake up a bit crazy. So let’s keep with this.

I heard something on the radio, you know that Kanye West song. I was a tad upset then by the fact that people now love that song but did not know how cool the original version of “bam bam” went. So I in that moment. Right there and then. I decided that today was a great day and had to be nicknamed “snow and reggae” day.


The perfect opportunity to be miserable has actually presented me with a direct oxymoron that justifies positive thinking and creative mindset. Why do we need to follow other people rules. If I want it to be this day, that snow and reggae it is.

I kid you not. I took my children and decided to play loud reggae while they all helped me clean the car of snow. The cold has quickly turned into heat. So let’s start our cold day with a warm warm feeling. Snow and Reggae with Bam Bam by Sister Nancy.


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