After some time, we have decided to re-join forces. 

Tea and Toast has been going for about ten years.  It has, however, always been Nicola and Pritesh as separate entities. During this time we have delivered work with a little aid from each other but have never actually worked together. It now feels like a great time to join forces. We are Tea and Toast!

To kick things off,  we have decided to do something a little controversial. We decided NOT to hand code our website. After much battling, we have moved from working from scratch to WordPress and somehow ended up with Squarespace. 

For us, there was a problem in the ability to manage time effectively with a WordPress site that was so bulky . So, the opposite, Squarespace seems perfect. I’ve been told to keep this short, so I will. After a literal time battle, SquareSpace came off as winner considering its got a beautiful interface and has a level of structure that allows for real continuity whilst looking seriously awesome. The themes are actually amazing in the way they look good yet massively versatile. Themes like this are often found as paid on wordpress.

Other than the first website decision, we hope to keep you informed of all of our developments through our social channels, of which we will soon be working on and and thus publicising.

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