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I know it’s only a few days since the last post however I feel that there may be a fair few before we get settled down. In going back to create our own website I am starting to see things from a different point view.

Usually I would simply get some info and design a website based on what someone else wants. This becomes ever more easier to design and develop as it is something I am not fully emotionally involved in. I think it’s always going to be strange for the customer client relationship to be fully in sync because the client will always want X and Y with that something extra. The creator will always have the mindset of only using what’s given to them. Creative thinking and carrying the message over is delivered but can not always be aligned to the same vision as the original thoughts of the client.

Getting back to Me and Nicola. Its a bit strange having to create something objectively and functionally because I don’t care about that. I just want it to look like something I have in my head. It doesn’t get any easier to build one myself just because it’s my own. If anything it’s more difficult.

On the flip side I have to say it’s massively time consuming and hugely euphoric having someone else to work with and bounce ideas off. This is a very good moment in time. If I had to offer ideas and help, it would be for clients to wither take time or factor in time (not easy when designers want to get paid). The best environment to be in would be to have a small team of people who can help to shape the idea with you. This would allow everyone to express their thoughts and to have some constructive thoughts on how the designer could move forward.

My reason for blogging is because I have discovered that using social media is one way for me to document and reflect. It’s also wise to note that sometimes people appreciate the work in progress angle. Trying to seem perfect is not always perfect. I think the idea that Tea and Toast provides a service that they are passionate about yet delivers accurately and honestly, well, its crucial. The new modern business structure is to be open and transparent.

This was only supposed to be a quick post so im going to leave this here. I know that I have touched on a few different things. I’d love to receive comments and points of view. They’re more than welcome.


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