Work work work work

In all honesty the title is something eye grabbing that should read, write write write write. If you are melodically minded and listen to BBC Radio One, I’m sure you will know my reference point.  The point is that I’ve had to do a great deal of learning and reading to get here now, to write this blog. In fact I’ve got two children and a busy day tomorrow. So I really shouldn’t be writing a blog.

When looking at social strategies, I would suggest that you must live the life a little and get into a reflective pattern. The secret, in my opinion and many others, is that you need to repeat something frequently to allow it to be of habit. The key piece you eex to take away from this is that you might just need to make it feel like … Work work work…. but actually it should be more about you. The part that is often misleading is that people are told to deliver social media in a stripped back conservative manner.

My advice is the opposite. I still find it hard to share and explore my thoughts. Of course reaching out is hard. It’s tougher selling yourself because a service can be objective. Yes, I like making life more difficult, but sometimes you need to take these steps to ensure you can produce you on paper. In this short blog post, I’m not sure if I make any sense, but I am going to be very clear. A service or product can be stripped and replicated. It’s not special. The story of the business is a tad more interesting. To be able to get to the person and see and feel what they went through. To read and connect with them. It’s priceless and will forever split you away from the competition. You are your biggest asset  interests also feed into your target audience.

In short, be yourself and have fun connecting. Make work more fun fun fun fun fun fun!


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