Old Project Rebirth

Wow! This certainly was a great project to work on. Once the event ran its length it was really exhausting and long. The sheer size of the project and what it achieved was significant but arguably too much. A few years later I remember it resurfaced again for a second time. The project at that point only managed to deliver some early stage events to gain interest. 

About three years ago I bumped into a lovely lady who helped run an enterprise hub and really wanted someone like myself to pick up on a project like this. With disbelief, the lady was telling me that there was a need for a competition or some form of business startup engagement for hyper local businesses. The real diversity of businesses she helped meant that there impact of greater good could be spread even further by these new startups.

Now! In this year, there is a new age. Another business service has taken the idea and made this project live yet another life. On this round the competition format will allow people to sell their ideas to a panel who will be seated for one night only. The winning prize, a bit like a hamper, is a selection of business services free to access. 

Im shocked. The event is due to take place at Seven Arts Bar on Friday 8th July. Its really ace to hear somebody loves the idea and model of a project that I helped to shape.

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