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Apologies for this rather dull and specific blog. I however find it really interesting. I also have completed a whole bunch of things on my to do list and writing a blog was the last thing I needed to do.  This is also probably why my writing can be full or errors sometimes. This I do need to plan a bit better. 

So, recently I was asked the question about CSS. It was put to me like a little statement. It went something like this.

“What is the need for css nowadays anyway, do we really need it. Now that the world has more easy build drag and drop sites, we don’t need to use CSS at all do we?”

To this my blood began to boil. Every web page has a header and footer. The stuff in between is not random either. It’s all formatted. So regardless of the drag and drop sites being around, you need to have a proper website to have a consistent quality look and feel. It has felt like I don’t use CSS code that often but when I look into my work patterns, I use the mindset and knowledge all the time. Without this knowledge, society would really just transfer those ugly community posters into digital versions and pollute the web with bad design.

User interface, data and how people connect to the web is also important, and thats why people are paid to do these jobs. 

So in simple. No Way! We need CSS and all the code in the world to bring about order so that people can access the web effectively regardless of your disability.

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