Action Tasks

Sometimes my blog writing serves as an opportunity for me just to ramble and reflect on how I use certain tools. This is certainly one of those moments.

My total, ultimate tool that I love is Wunderlist. In some ways I would say that I have used this tool for far too long. There are many more on the market. Truth is, i have tested others. None of them have the feel good and agility I need for making lists.

One thing some new task managers have is the ability to prioritise effectively so you know what tasks are important regardless of the date due. After a while I found that one smart way around this would be to simply create a folder in Wunderlist with different priorities. Thats was it then. I was back to loving my to-lists.

Im not going to bore you with the discussions on finer details because im not sure if you care or not. Once you have seen one, you have seen most others work in the same way. The one single thing that makes Wunderlist family unique is the look, feel and speed are all equally the same across all apps. Not just that but I have gone through too many devices in my time. I have literally gone from Mac Book Pro to iPad and also used iPhones, Android and Windows. They have it all and they all work the same. With no drawbacks or errors. If you want a to-list style manager that will never let you down and will always be at your fingertips, Wunderlist is it.


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