Working Together

Sometimes we all have great ideas on how to add our take on something. We get so carried away that we forget that we need to slow down a bit. Sometimes we all try our best to work, but also work together. The ethos of working together can be a bit odd sometimes.

I know, it sounds like a simple concept, but I thought I would write something about a recent event called Horsforth Walk of Art ( ). This is a great example of the complexity in community. I have been in many projects where communication is rife and discussions with managers is difficult because everyone wants to be a leader or a manager. Why do we need so much structure? As people we need and want to be authors and get be proud of what we help deliver.

Too many organisations struggle to delegate in the correct tone and match this with the correct flexible policies that allow people to feel free to lead and take charge. Letting people go and run with it, whilst keeping tabs on them is a work of art on its own. Recently, in my world, there has been a distinct change in how people are managed. The Walk of Art is a great example of how people are spoken to and part of the bigger picture. The initial way in which people are connected to the top is crucially important. The transparency and inclusion allows people to feel accountable in a very casual manner. Collectively, nobody will ever stay silent. where is one view, there is usually many, so singing from the same sheet is actually a breeze. Provided the overall managers do listen and record.

Having these same people part of the delivery means that the focus for individuals will always be on the delivery. Having the drive to deliver something like hosting a mini art exhibition in your back garden is also very clear. Providing people with direct manageable tasks that are well laid out and tangible helps everyone deliver and feel happy.

The result, once you get the balancing act correct, could be something amazing like … The Walk of Art.

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