This is a keen take on my thoughts and feelings on Trello. Im going to try and open up and figure out how I think I use it, and hope you get to relate to the pro’s and con’s on using this tool.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has told you to use something they use. “Oh, i know, you will LOVE this new app ive got, its amazing”
“You have to look this up, its a classic, must have”
“Oh I dont get that problem, I have this tool on my phone that helps me”

People feel really compelled by these digital tools. People don’t connect fully in understanding that their life is unique and they have found a tool that works for them. Take for instance, evernote, a great tool that I will never use. However, if im researching, I will use the web clipping add ons and the integrations it has with my emails, because they are the parts that are useful for me.

Trello. Its one of them. I loved the sound of something new. I just didn’t think it was for me. I remember thinking that I had already looked up and liked another tool @pixls (on twitter) had suggested. This was when I use to go to the local Jelly events. Now if I use this, im just becoming more like her clone. Not exactly, but slowly, maybe! Its maybe been a good few years and now im here at the doors or Trello.

I massively hate the way it looks on my desktop. Once I had the nice iphone and ipad apps, i thought the desktops would be the same but they are not. I am still an early adopter and still can’t fully understand how it could get used. I do use it, but for a specific use.

We are all probably aware of this grid and how effective it can be as a priority setting tool. Thats exactly what I use Trello for now. So, wunderlist is now my dumping ground of todo lists that are categorised and Trello helps me see what is more vital and important.

Ive gone as far as making additional boards for my children and having daily plans setup for them. It im stuck on what to do and unsure about the timings of my day, i need not worry. Trello now has pre-planned days that I have already setup. 

I guess on reflection, this could also be a good place to add a list on things you may need to cover whilst delivering training. Its also possible to allow others in the room to then comment and leave input on sections of your talk as you go along.

Now you know how I use it, the only thing you need to really take away from this blog post is that all tools, digital or not, can be used in different ways. Creatively using the tools to suit your means so that you can have far more flexibility.

I hope this helps.

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