Winter is Coming

It has been a few months since the last blog post. I’m proud to say that I seem to be making regular posts. My greatest fear is no never succeed in the smaller tasks we set ourselves. The aim was always at least one a month. Unfortunately this blog post is a little thin on anything super technical but is a huge marketing tip off. If you read these blogs I’m sure you will appreciate the very human side to what we do.  

Summer holidays have ended and there is a fresh buzz in the air. Everyone is back on the same routine and everything is back to predictable. This does make me think. When is the next big holiday? Christmas? Oh dear. It’s only a few months away! 

Rather than sitting around drumming up ideas on promoting your business, why not take the time to plan in some marketing time. If we look at the trends where people are building up to the holidays and like now, coming off the holidays, they are very similar to Christmas. The only real difference is people go mad with spending when we get festive and may have less money after new year.

The true nature of marketing has to be where we think ahead. Summer term ending has made me thing that I need to realign a few habits of my own. What I’m going through is very similar to other people now and after Christmas. If we are to be successful we should really try and not chase our tale. We should be aiming at the future trends. With the return to school being so similar to post-new year, it makes sense to consider marketing for 2017. 

If we were to look at businesses now, what are they doing and where are there efforts. Realistically it should all be actions and getting things done. No real marketing or planning because that’s future stuff. Clearly we always need to be planning marketing. If your foundations now you may reap the rewards of getting the booking in early. Stay in ahead of he curve is certainly what keeps businesses alive.

I remember going to a great little pub placed in the middle of nowhere. It was great! One year it made a massive success and made more money than it ever did before. Farmers and rural businesses were its clientele. No one else would dare stop there. The community spirit always seemed decent too. I remember a few tradesmen talking about the housing market and how some of their work went well. It seemed like a few people were ending projects. Farmers were also having a pint or two and discussing how their crops were busy. Harvest was always a bit funny. There was plenty of prep work that led up to harvesting. 

Shortly after these conversations had happened, it was Halloween. I remember as clear as day, walking in to see a scarecrow on a wood barrel. A book was placed on the barrel with a pen next to a lovely festive sign saying, please book your Christmas Dinner now or talk to one of the bar staff.

So. What’s the point in his blog. It’s to remind you that everything in social media is based on reality. Trends from one area could be used as an example in another area. We know summer has ended. But why use negative language like ‘ended’. My little story has hopefully shown you that marketing can come in different forms and it dosnt always have to conform to typical trends. Its time to refresh now when nobody is looking. Not when everyone is looking. Be ahead of the curve, not behind or in time with it. As they say in Game of Thrones #got (yes I did just reference a TV show) Winter Is Coming. 

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