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Today I pinged open my device and spotted s few tweets. The rather interestIng tweet  by Leeds Living seemed to be having a poke at the Guardian newspaper. Im not sure what to say really. Not. Why else would I write a blog.

When it comes to local knowledge, it’s always best to leave it to the locals. In the case of Tony Naylor, he seemed to have slipped up a bit. By going for the jugular and not elaborating on how he has only validated two of the many breweries left him exposed to Leeds Living replying with;

If by notable he means the ones he knows of then maybe, but at the time of writing there are 19 breweries in Leeds. Northern Monk, North Brew, Kirkstall, Zapato, Sunbeam, Ridgeside and The Beak are all forward thinking and I’d wager a good measure of creativity goes into brewing their delicious beverages.

Coming back to me, I’m not too sure what to say other than oh dear. It’s unfortunate that Leeds has really mis-sold something and allowed for such a poor review when I know how passionate people in Leeds are about being from Leeds. This feeling has continued to increase and grow over the years I have been here. Clearly only my point of view is maybe the case that the Mr Naylr is making indirectly.

Leeds Art Hostel
Leeds Art Hostel

If Leeds is cultural and full of arts, it didn’t show it. The breweries is still methods no that grabs people attention in some ways and there are still many more. The arts in Leeds is fantastic and amazing, however possibly only to those that live here and see the growth. If we were to take stock and survey other visitor into Leeds, would they see anything more than the Art Hostel?

Thankfully the Guardian review did nothing to damage the awesome Art Hostel but it does make clear that Leeds is on par with other great cities. It’s maybe just needs something no extra to give it that push. That’s not even my view. One of the comments on the article actually says “But I do think Leeds can do better, and should try harder to unlock its potential” from someone in Leeds!

A Manchunian friend told me thier city destroys and hides beautiful old buildings, but Leeds really puts them on show alongside the new.

In summary, in my view, the Guardian published a very average piece that did nothing to inflate or deflate Leeds (and it’s art / brewery / culture) scene, yet somehow people in Leeds have showed a burning desire to show more flare. We could argue, as I have mentioned, it’s a real shame Leeds isn’t there yet, but who cares. Leeds wants to be there and is taking steps to be the best city in England. 

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