Going Phising

This morning, I had a chat to the Mrs (the other half of Tea and Toast) about how children in schools are so clever they know how to hack into school servers. It’s a bit mad really.

Later on, I got a strange text message. It looked like a phishing scam. Possibly even the common type a school child might use in a school to gain access to teachers passwords! 

Rather than click on it…I asked myself what and who is incomeup.biz! The answer is strange. I was hoping it was a real company and that I would be able to click on the link.


I decided to use my darknet skills and visit the site. I made sure i blocked my IP and used a secure protocol. To my sadness, it was not a real place. This site looked like it had blocked me. It was trying to tell me that it was a broken link. The site was real wasn’t it? 

It even asks you to contact them.
“its not a black hole”
So should I email them…?
If I did, they would have my email and possibly add a virus into my emails.


Why not Google it! It might actually say something different. Using a blocked IP and giving my IP away to Google are two different things. Then it dawned on me. It really is a phishing attempt. The text Google picked up was the same as the website text. It was a real website, which now looks more like a phishing scam.

At this point it’s game over for me. I don’t need to stress about it. Surely this is the end of the story. There is but one final twist. I decided to do a quick search on who the company might be. I wanted to look at who bought the domain name. It’s possible they would block the info but it would certainly be worth a try. Either way, I had to look. So i did.

To my surprise the actual domain name was not registered. This means the website does not exist. The whole thing, the text and web page looks like a ghost. None of it should really exists, but it does!

I have no idea what to do next. The only logical thing to do now is to pat myself on the back and and grab a cup of tea in the real world.

 incomeup.biz can still be purchased.

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