Digital Branding for Valentine Day

Another big day on the calendar is a Valentines a Day. Initially we need to be clear. This event can be for family, children, singletons sharing joke gifts as well as the obvious couples who share their love. The idea of Valentine’s Day has grown a great deal. Here are a few things we think are important when marketing your product or services.



Such an old trend in its own right however it’s still powerful. Apparently a massive 70% of people chekout gifts online and It’s estimated that 50% of adults take selfies everyday. 

Once gifts are recieved, what to people do? They take pictures of those items. It markets itself instantly.  


Men vs Women

You might be thinking that women go out and make the most sales. In fact, women usually spend on their man and themselves. If you want to target anyone, it has to be the guy. Men are known to buy extra and spend a little more. Men between 25 and 34 actually spend twice as much, especially as the time gets closer. 


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