2020 is here !

So, there is a great deal to say on this year they call 2020.

I remember the feeling of a huge buzz in the turn on the Y2K. There was a huge feeling of fresh starts. I think with politics and Royal Family issues it seems like there is less of a wow.

This might seem like a random post, if you know me well, you know where is is going. With people now picking and choosing what to watch, it seems less like a fresh start. If you feel like 2020 is for you, great! It would probably indicate more towards you looking for content like this and wanting a new start.

In a nutshell, you feelings are actually a trend. The markets and socials will soon line up to sell their lifestyle.

Looking back I have moved around a bit in 2019. Having moved on from the Digital Learning Developer role I moved onto a new College and then finally onto Digital Communication in local government. 

The summary for me seems very similar to previous years. Brands and businesses are always wanting attention. Having successful stats is a form of proof that people are engaged. The truth is that impact can’t really be tangible. People still engage but only for a moment or two because it depends on what they want. It also has to fit what they want as well as need. The drivers of content are constantly evolving and more knowledgable whereas the visitors to digital platforms tend to just sit there and absorb. This sort of leaves them a bit basic. In fact their skill set is consequently oppressed and left at a certain level. 

Could 2020 be the year for regular people and the third sector? In my world at least, the world is behind as I learn more and more about the new ‘new’ social, voice assistants. 

I feel better now I have wrote something. Now at least I can argue I have done my bit, for another 6months.

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