About Our Journey

Est 2006

Our journey began when we moved to Leeds after my degree in Multimedia and Digital Animation in Carlisle. The creative skillset I learnt was quickly put to use. In the first year I created a community based design collective. It was essentially a free design service for community projects. All work was delivered by people who wanted to develop their creative skills.
I quickly became self employed and supported many community centers in developing their marketing. Our work developed further into helping small businesses and developing links with projects that supported business startups. In 2009 we embarked on a full design service which included literally everything you can imagine. Strictly come business opened the door to many businesses exploring how to run their business. The programme was supposed to last one year but the success meant it ran again for a second year. The concept still exists today and was tested out again in 2016.

Tea and Toast went on to work on projects that were initially design led with children and young people. At this point we moved into working with school to deliver creative educational workshops. The sessions we delivered we so popular that we spent a great deal of time delivering these across Yorkshire.

Tea and Toast was involved in supporting the social media surgeries for a few years. The social media cafe in Leeds was our little brain child and ran in 2013 for about one year. Having children and developing family life became very important to me. My work with children continued throughout all these year and new projects around outdoor, risky and street play were forged.

In 2016 our business seemed to have developed well with the change in times. We are now looking to develop fresh links but also have managed to focus on a specific niche. We have worked in alongside Leeds Dads ( Dadstastic ), National Childbirth Trust (NCT) in Leeds, Yorkshire & Humber. Our interests in other companies that work with children and young people still grows strong. Our old relationships with those startup and social enterprises we met years ago also grows stronger.

Finally, after the social media cafe’s we ran something called Tea and Social . In May 2017 we rebooted these and found there is still a massive thirst for social media knowledge. Our plan is to keep the interest alive. Lets see where this goes.

If you would like to work with us and join us on our journey through 2017 then please get in contact.