Be the best at digital marketing

Are you personally struggling to get your head around things and just need a quick route to being the best at digital marketing? You deserve to be the best at digital marketing.

It’s easy to look at anything in the digital world and see it in the same manner you would everything. The world of the internet seems to assume the chaos and calm. At the same time it does suggest the linear movement of here and now.

I went through a bit of digital mental health where Pat Flynn helped me.

Time Warp Goggles

As the internet is always a place where everything is a click away, we seem to forget that not everything is a click away. Fancy that hot body or being healthier. You feel yes, but in-reality, a click can’t make it happen.

How does this link to digital marketing?

Well Rome wasn’t built in a day. At school you learnt stuff and people, teachers, helped. Now, you’re all on your own. Just you and this device. Don’t buy into the idea of instantly gratified achievement. You need to work for it.

Okay, so far this is not what you wanted to hear. There are a few stages you need to go through before you understand how it all works.

Take you time

Taking your time in a way is like plotting a line and guessing how long this might take. The real world will show you that even with the best planning, it can’t be achieved. Stuff happens. Understating this and understanding that priorities change is a key component.

Technology Vs Priorities

Over the year I have witnessed a great deal of the digital age. From birth to Mars. I thought I knew what I wanted to do. At one point it was graphic design. Then it was something technical, maybe website development. The it wasn’t that. From being younger I loved being on stage. This didn’t really progress. However mixing all these elements together did happen.

The birth of social media marketing was my moment. Then I found out how digital was used more for communication. To enhance and develop.

You priority in getting digital marketing right has to be embedded into your core beliefs. Otherwise it’s just another task. In keeping an eye on technology you will either find the right thing for you or just grow, both personally and professionally.

Don’t be the best. Be you.

One of the things that I have done is work hard to be the best. By that I mean learn and practice. Delivering the goods and getting experience is where you will grow.

Equally I found myself learning how to be someone else. When you deliver social media, you do need to find yourself in the content. This much is true. Otherwise it wont sell.

Over time I have found that I was maybe slower than some at learning what my voice and confidence was. If you can get to the point where you type and write stuff, and you are happy. Bravo! You have got there.

Be the best at digital marketing

To be the best at digital marketing you need to have courage and believe in yourself. Without the personal and profession confidence, you wont be able to make those bigger steps you need to make to get you there.

If there is one thing agile productivity and Progress aSchool has taught me, it’s that you will get there. When you do, everything might have changed. This is where you might want to go back and figure out where you ware.

Are you at the foot or your priority or are you in the middle of a technological shift which has blinded you?

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