Branding Vs Marketing

Having mentioned Branding Vs Marketing a little in some workshops, It seems sensible to write a post about what the difference is between the two and what their relationship is.

In fact I made a video on the subject a while ago.

I’m not going to copy this video at all. This is just a fresh and updated angle on the subject since the video.

The first key thing to remember is What brand and marketing do.

Defining the Brand and Marketing

In the below diagram we can see that strategy is formed and makes the frame of your business. The word strategy is in fact taken from the Digital Strategy post I made. A brand is also described as being a strategy.

The Brand Strategy is the same as the Digital Strategy. It forms the business. Brand Strategy actually visualises the company for you.

Then Marketing uses this juice and attracts people to your brand.

Brand Vs Branding

Let’s go back to school for a moment. A brand is technically a process or a concept at this point. The verb Branding describes how the agreed Brand would then be utilised.

Branding Vs Marketing

This brings us to branding, which is slightly different to marketing. By marketing, you are using skills and knowledge to execute a series of tasks.

Branding in this arena is just the process of applying the Brand or brand guidelines to the marketing.


So that’s us done on Branding Vs Marketing. I hope you liked the video and understood this post. If you have any questions then please let me know either on here on Twitter.

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