Colours that work well together

A lot of you, workshops attendees and folks across my socials asked me this question about picking complementary colours. In my branding workshop, I discuss how colour is really important and I cover some key tips. So here is my post on how to pick the best colours that work together.

Part of the reason for me creating this bit of content is because it’s actually really straightforward and simple.

What we need to do is focus on the RGB colour system. Let’s take a look at the colour wheel. This thing here.

Warm and cold colours

This colour wheel is a beautiful little thing that allows us to pick different colours. When looking at the colour wheel, you might not fully be aware but one half is cool, and the other half is quite warm.

The challenge here is to pick the right colour to go with the other colour. Let’s pretend you have the colour purple or violet. Let’s look across the pond. Directly across Violet is Yellow.

This has got to be the easiest rule in the book. All graphic designers use it. It’s a well-known thing. Now I get to share this with you.

Let’s repeat that process again. If we use the colour green. What goes well with it? The opposite of green is a pinky purple colour. Let’s go back to some examples and try to demonstrate why they work well together.

If we use violet and yellow. Let’s place the word hello in yellow text with a violet background. It works.

Let’s reverse that. Let’s use the word hello in violet and yellow as a background.

Perfect together like best friends

There is one other rule that I nearly missed out on. Using yellow and white, do not work well together. Other than that, using pale colours on white does not work well together.

When looking at some of the warmer colours, and lighter shades, it’s worth considering how we might use them too. The rule of yellow and white is definitive and already decided. Don’t do it.

I hope you enjoy using the colour wheel.
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