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So without further ado, let’s jump right in and take a look at what is Jumbo. What is privacy privacy kind of relates more to GDPR and EU law. That means that people have certain rights now before they even really have any words or now. Any company managed, its data, and look after your details. So that could be anything from phone numbers and emails credit card, things that you might log into online, Facebook and other social media platforms are known for selling their day to all those so that you go, and you’re gotten for free because they are using your profile amongst a whole bunch of other people’s profiles to get advertisers to pay them privacy is all about being able to go online and maybe not use social media but certainly do certain things that makes you more anonymous or make sure you hold your privacy so you’re able to feel like you have your identity, and it’s yours, as opposed to your company, taking it completely. You don’t know how to store your ways.

That’s kind of in a nutshell, disease, so the next thing I want to talk to you about the jumbo that we see and how I came about that, the jumbo is an app on my phone may be first. But somewhere between my tablet, and phone so straightaway. I was like yeah let’s do this assignment, the idea of a centralised system for the district. Anyway, I still have this one kind of faithfulness and loyalty to them. Isn’t kind of cool. If you’ve got a logo, they’re looking after your best interest. And that’s really great. That’s why we’re here. Tomorrow kind of gets to grips with the filling in your details. First, and it connects and plugs in all your different social media is your mission to do that and then when he does that it might seem a little bit counterintuitive. However, he does do certain things that even I was unaware of, but it does protect your data.

There are other searches. And one of the 90 days where a dark web search is where it picks up your details that mirror. What’s on your social accounts across these other platforms that are unidentified to you, that is on their lives. And when they do not take anything back. You don’t research comes up like 50 times, and you know you’ve got an issue but you can’t just do that you have to have that service and get it out. How did you do that how do you protect your data? It looks at any one of your fields for example, on Facebook or Twitter or wherever your social platforms will look at it. Right. You’ve got to go somewhere, and in some cases, you might even call your address or your phone, and make sure well what they got. And you do get a sense of general wanting to get some power use but initially, for people that aren’t aware of what the company is held on the back is very Okay, I’ve no idea, then you should understand, and then make a decision. What’s next then what’s the next stage. Once you’ve got the Jumbo app installed, and you connect yourself to the obvious thing is to understand. Okay. Facebook has got its own look and does what we’ve done. You can ask to have that route, go by our booth saying that you can get them. And we’ll go, that’s really interesting is on my phone, it comes up periodically. I wouldn’t say every day but I’ve noticed it weekly, and particularly the morning, it tends to go on a cycle. So it will look back and go by that’s been added, and it will, whatever you’ve asked for is almost like your level of privacy for you to sell your privacy and maintain that standard that you want, is really unique, and I’ve never seen anything like that.

So just for a second let’s imagine that you didn’t need the Jumbo app. You wouldn’t know what companies like Twitter or Facebook, we have, and you have to go to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and they’re all separate and completely there you’re gonna have to find out. So, rather than do all the different apps. It kind of makes sense, just to go to one place. So, Jumbo definitely kind of goes yep that’s the right thing to do, to go to one place and manage all your rooms in that single place. And there are some things that Jumbo could do that will just bind to the future.

So it’s a really great idea to bind them, if you’re really super keen on practising initial basic kind of level, until more need something like general essential effect in the model that will do the job is reasonably simple and easy. It simply means that it’s really simple and easy to get to use is quite intuitive and friendly, and I think he’s got a great family and. Now, what I really want to jump on to is how that affected me. And this is something that I think needs to be aware of because it’s something that I can’t see other people sort of experiencing and talking about, if you’re in digital marketing any kind of digital marketing SEO and just basically technology if you have a team that manages, many people managing one Facebook or Instagram account, you’ve got many people plugging into that. It’s obvious you need two-factor authentication, the details on how to back, but either way, you mean to allow people to log in using their credentials and sending a call to the thumb.

This is where it gets interesting. Jumbo had my phone number, our number of social media campaign told me I had that. So I said, Yeah, why is Facebook my number. Maybe because I’ve got WhatsApp, but I don’t want you to know that I want them to be separate so I thought, What harm can you do to say, though, I don’t have that data, tonight. So I did that, and then I said to somebody that I would help them with doing some Facebook marketing, I was going to go into the ads and do some Facebook ads campaign, and then So, what’s my password again. And then I kind of remembered okay this is my password, and then I try to leave my data, so I could not, in theory, do two-factor authentication. And that was a big deal for me. So I kind of feel like that was an issue with Joe. It took me a long time to play around with that and then kind of go. Oh, it can be genuine. And please connect the dots did take a little moment so I was a little bit bummed out that there is a happy ending to this job. It’s a bad job in the forms of how I could access my Facebook, and instead of getting the two-factor authentication, he was having a call, instead of phones. All you need to do is go to your job I’ll open it up, and I don’t remember there was a code so I typed it in. And then I could get to Facebook, do all the things I wanted to do. Jumbo has just really saved themselves and has to say it’s outstanding. They could have maybe told people a little bit more about some of those other features in relation to people maybe scraping by data, like photos away because they’re aware of that and how that impacts our two-factor authentication, and it was, it took me like two days to pick it out and discover that to jumble produce out during you know ping pong between the two days to go through the process and then somehow realise that. Yay. Well, that’s the only the video. Other than that, I have nothing to say, of the jumbo because is amazing, and you do need it, you know. Because data privacy and information is coming to the forefront, all the time, and you will always be visited so have a look, I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of other videos too so please do back down and take a look before you leave, please do leave a like below, and subscribe to the channel.

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