Dictation and how you could be doing it with such ease

Welcome to this podcast all about dictation and how you could be doing it with such ease. In return, this could also mean you could deliver all of your content through word-of-mouth instead of typing.

The first and most important thing to mention is that I have a new phone. This phone is the much-needed upgrade that I needed from Apple.

For some strange reason, it occurred to me that I needed to play with Google’s word document style dictation tool. I’m not sure entirely what this is but at the same time, I do remember playing with it. Some other tools that I’ve used include otter.ai.

This is when it hit me and I realised there was another tool that I could be using. Why not try using the dictation tool built into Apple a.k.a. Siri. 

So this particular blog post is me explaining my thought process and how I got to writing this particular blog post 100% entirely from word-of-mouth.

I kid you not let this entire post is actually written through me talking to my Gmail app and pretending to write an email. The dictation to fill in Apple means I can now also speak and type the email. No, I’m not too sure who or what I need to be thankful for here. It could be Apple or it could be Google but the combination of both of these are equally just brilliant. Convinced on how dictation and how you could be doing it with such ease yet?

Dictation and how you could be doing it with such ease - tea and toast dictation

Just to put this into context I’m hopeful that this is reasonable in quality. At this moment in time, I am sat in the living room with my son. His brief moving about the room led to him catching his eye on my phone and what I was doing. Long story short if he thinks it’s cool then it must be.

There are many different types of post that seem to be coming out of the social media feeds nowadays. The current trend being to use artificial intelligence in someway so that we are able to generate content without having to bother creating it. I do think that this takes away the human factor but equally can see that many businesses struggle with time management and creating content.

 The idea of using artificial intelligence in forms of social media to ease the processes and streamline content creation is lovely. However, I’m not too sure how far I would stretch that. Where I might draw the line is where AI actually does entirely generate the content.

I do think that utilising tools around is like this dictation tool is something that could in Paris to do a little bit more and might narrow the gap where some individuals that are talented can’t quite get to grips on how to blog post.

When I mention the idea of people struggling to blog post what I actually mean is Individuals not being fully aware of search engine optimisation and Web standards that might enable them to be more exposed to a higher number of website traffic.

Let’s be honest when it comes to search in the optimisation and advertising digitally, this is definitely an area that helps those individuals that know what they’re doing to get ahead further and quicker. 

If you are reading this particular blog post or you have come across my podcasts and YouTube channels, my hope is that you do know of the courses that I do deliver to social enterprises and that my goal here is to be as open as possible in providing as many different types of tools.

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