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Last night, I went to bed late because I was watching the Harry and Megan the interview, I think this is one of those important key moments. These are things you will remember for the rest of your lives. use a really big key point in moments. The reason why I’m starting with that and mentioning it is because I have talked about other topics around digital. I’ve spoken specifically about wellbeing and different digital tools including marketing as well. Now, with a mix of all of those things, I thought maybe today would address just a basic kind of introduction to ease me back into content creation post-Covid.

The UK hasn’t quite come out of its third lockdown. A lot of people who are 2020, the wasted year. But that was a great year for me on youtube really. And I think looking at moving ahead, I had to kind of abandon YouTube because of my family commitments. So this is kind of my return video. So this is a really good moment for me, I’m quite pleased that are going back. Going back to the Harry Reagan stuff, this stuff that people are talking about, there’s been lots of issues around the world and locally sort of on our doorstep that have happened that we’ve had to sort of watch on the news. And it’s a slightly different way in which we might consume things. Because more and more people are talking about these things digitally, because they can’t do that face to face because of the various lockdowns. So I think this is really key and important to understand is that people’s psychology has changed.

So if you’re developing a marketing strategy, if you’re trying to develop your business, it’s kind of important for you to take stock now to understand where people are at. And we have two, three weeks where people still locked down to actually, that is probably your first set of To Do List benchmarks. Because after that, you’re going to be thinking, Okay, I’ve got a whole bunch of different tactics and things that I might introduce into your marketing campaign.

Wellbeing Tech

Another aspect of relating to the well being videos that I mentioned that I’ve done in the past, please feel free to have a look at Channel. Some of the things I’ve done in the past, well being so specifically around the Fitbit, but just wanting to talk about something that I did this morning, which was I so looked around at a bunch of different people that live on my street and I kind of you wave and you say I am really interesting to there, because I spent most of my times having tea, going cold, and talking to the neighbours.

Once I started talking to one, another joined. I’m not grumpy, I’m really happy and pleased that I enjoyed that conversation. Once they’ve finished, we had to come back here and get changed out to take the kids to school. Then there was a whole conversation with parents walking up the school. And then there was a conversation with the sandwich parents coming back. And it was really interesting. But I really feel like there’s a whole thing that we can sort of capture here, which is that people now were willing to talk to me more, because they’ve been busy in lockdown mode.

Harry & Megan

When there was news, like Harry and Megan, people were really receptive and engaging with that, and people are talking about it, or at very least, they are aware and listening to those topics, because these are current affairs, and they don’t really have much else in the way of conversations and relationship building.

This really is interesting because when we look at sales funnels, and we look at Maslow’s theory they’re the same. The belonging relationship and physiological needs, they’re kind of missing in part. This means there’s a huge of gap and avoid that people are trying to fill. Sky name is that we’re coming to talk to me this morning, well, obviously, we’re going to because if somebody out, then is a human, natural instinct to want to connect, find information and gather and to feel connected to your local community. So also essential that people try and feel connected to overall identity, which is where the UK might come in with the royal family, or how American people might perceive the British royal family. Also, if you feel like the monarchy is still relevant, it still plays into that aspect of belonging to. And this really, for me comes back to digital strategy and marketing, and trying to be empathetic to people and understand where they’re coming from.

It really does fall into that area of understanding where people’s psychology is, and what little notes you can sort of hit on to tap into. I’m not sure about how you would use that. But I do know that when the moon, sorry, not when the moon landed, but when we had the robots land on Mars, that was a really key moment. And there’s some brilliant newfound kind of analogies and experiencing new world, there’s a whole bunch of metaphors that are brilliantly could have been used for marketing at that moment in time.

Strike while the iron is hot, I think now is a great time for us to adventure out. But also, rather than do what consumers might be doing, which is to adventure and trying to get back into their work patterns, they’re not actually doing that yet, but in the coming weeks, there will be, that’s when, instead of following that path, and it might work wise to follow that path and just hold back a little bit and observe how people are interacting, why they might be interacting, and what are they wanting?

How might they want to receive that. So in translation there, we might be looking at the real world. But digitising it would be okay, they have a need and a desire to communicate and talk, okay is the demographic, if you target to this audience, then their needs might be if they are national childbirth, trust, just giving birth to babies, so they’re really stuck at home still, because they’ve got a new baby to look after, they’re not sure how to take it out into the world, if there are any groups.

If your business fits that market, then that market is really calling for you to kind of go Okay, there’s that tone of voice. And these are the potentially the things that they might be trying to overcome, and where, where predominantly might be those issues in and around the UK, in what kind of zones and areas are we also talking about rich or poor areas, that might be a generalisation because there might be specific areas. And if you’ve got within that a breakdown of if you’re targeting poor communities, and you can get the top five cities with the highest poverty rates, and then within that look at each lead to three words that are the poorest in each of those top five cities.

What you’ve got, is a brilliant Pay Per Click campaign, where you can really look at geographical location. So it’s a really great way of sort of looking at where we are right now and trying to narrow that down.1Speaker 18:38I really hope that this is been of help. This is my first return video back. At his month I have a whole bunch of things on.

Everything that I’ve just spoken about is kind of some of the stuff that goes on in my mind. And I feel like I need to talk to you guys. But I have just also done a podcast. I think some of those things might that have spoken about now might go on. But ahead of this month, I have a busy month where I’m delivering a bunch of digital strategy workshops, content, also about sort of content planning, and also about WordPress. So there are a number of different number of different workshops that I’ve got coming up.

I thought hey, do you know, instead of just kind of thinking, I’m not sure about this, I thought it might be really good. If I can go Hey, can I help you, you know, what are you up to and engage with businesses and engage with you law to kind of say, Hey, you know, I can help you in this way. And I’m doing a lot of that this month.

If you have digital needs, then I’d love to hear from you. You can leave a comment below please do hit the like and subscribe button if you’ve liked this video, and I tend to be living on Twitter quite a lot. So you can tweet me at tea and toast. I just want to say really pleased to be back. This is my first video back and I think I’ve struggled through 2020 to do this. This is my return in 2021.

I do hope there are no more knock downs, I really do hope that I’m able to kind of strategise and put these things forward and really keep to them as well. So, thank you for watching is really appreciated. I’m going to try and do these videos every week. But I’m going to aim for definitely one a month and try and slot in some more with the hope that they do work out as being every week. So let’s see if that works.

Thank you for reading. Until next time.

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