Ducky Pocket Calculator – Old Looking New Tech ?

During my random google searching,, i found Ducky Pocket Calculator – Old Looking New Tech, it provided me with this article. At first I thought it was something linked to smart tech of the internet of things. When you see the image from afar, you do think its possible this could be extra special.

As it turns out its just a calculator. I will be honest. It’s far more than just this. The geekery in holding a RGB LCD screen and the colourful backlights make it very attractive. It’s also build for a purpose that just does not appeal to me. Im not a hardcore gamer.

Many gamers have tons of cables and like the atmosphere when playing in the dark. In this generation there are also professional gamers who need to keep on top of their game. There is only now thing that puzzles me slightly. There are far too many colour names flying around. Take a look at some gamers and tech geeks talking about how they NEED the Ducky Pocket and really want to use it for paying money.

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This marvellous little gadget allows you to have a calculator at hand. More importantly its not part of the existing keypad meaning there is no need to pause your game of get interrupted. The Ducky Pocket simply just fits right into your tech scenery.

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