Have To Blog

So ! I just had to write something 

Admittedly I don’t have a cohesive strategy, I just blog for the fun of it. It’s been a little while since the last blog, a bit longer than hoped. as I’m sat in great surrounding, I’m hoping that I can write something … Great!

It just recently occurred to me that I’m doing a decent job right now. The strange thing is that I’m only doing a good job because I’m happy. I’m much happier I tweet less and engage with people. I think the reality of social media is that it can isolate you sometimes. I don’t always come out and coming to the city centre has been really good today. It’s allowed me to tweet a little too. It’s also allowed me to think laterally a bit. Also, what use am I as an influencer if I can’t be social in the right way.

In this blog post, you really need to take away with you one thing. I’m human and I am not divine. I’m just doing my best at what I love. Sometimes finding a digital strategy can be tough. As difficult as it is, it really need to be built around you. By that I don’t mean target market and other business crap. It literally has to come from you. So if you can’t blog because you do all other the other twenty socks things, don’t do it. Just decide if blogging is important and if need to drop another social stream. Your business or project is something you should enjoy. So go out and enjoy it. Live your life. Not the digital life. When you get to somewhere, don’t decide to selfie because you have to. Sometimes you don’t need to.

The business’s and people that invest in Tea and Toast do not always like Tea and Toast. They can connect with me. A human being. When people try to talk digital and say stuff like, hey let’s connect (digitally), you need to take that offline. Use digital to engage.

Let’s say that again. Use digital to engage. Then use it to develop a conversation that has to be rooted in the real world. Use the most powerful and effective tool available for centuries. The human touch. 

Great! Now I sound like a hippy.  

I would really appreciate any comments and feedback (excluding comments on my terrible spelling and poor grammar). So please. Let’s connect! ? 

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