How to create your first YouTube video

Have you wondered how to build a business using digital tools like social media and also include Video? Are you interested in YouTube and howe to use video to leverage KPI’s for your business or even for a YouTube career.

Theses are very similar thought to myself. After lots of research I discovered one thing. In the YouTube world, its’ do or die. This video is my first one, just so I can put myself out there.

In this video I share all about how to put together this video. Are you ready to take the leap?

If you like reading, feel free to skip the video and read the text below which is the transcript directly take from the video.

Hi there YouTubers. Thank you for watching.

This is my journey. I want to talk to you more about YouTube, and video editing and some of the things that I’ve gone through in setting up this video. To name a few, editing, camera angles, three point lighting.

Im new to this. I’m not new. Wait a minute. I wanted to do was be one of those faces on YouTube that shares these tips and tricks. I feel like I’ve got a lot to give. However, in particular, with video on YouTube. I just felt that taking that first step was a little bit tricky because when you’re on YouTube, and when you look at any of the videos, all of the video clips out there are just really well done.

Part of that is down to the technology that’s used as well as some of the skill sets of what people know. It’s really difficult to go from knowing nothing to having some of that knowledge because some of it is technical. It really helps with understanding some of that stuff.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s not everything. In my mind I can jump ahead of time but there’s a whole bunch of videos in between now and then, I think there has to be a first video.

This is that first video. This is that video that kind of, wanted to be good, but not be the super nervous video that’s weird. I want it to be decent, because then I can just grow it and be happy with the quality of it and stuff. I wanted to get to a certain point where I can focus on the content so I of felt like, yeah, that’s where I want to be. It is difficult to describe I guess.

In wanting to do these videos I’ve looked at that content, but I’ve really got to the point. I want to do this now. I got to it today and I thought, No. I’m going to do it. I’m just going to go on that, and kind of just see what happens. Not really care about what’s there but just care that the quality of what it looks like is good, and the content of what I’m saying is in an order. All of that is done after this, in the editing.

.So, let’s go thought the setup. I have natural light first light second light in the distance. When I did these tests. The, the microphone was sort of still visible so I’ve moved that onto the floor. So I’ve not really tested it from the floor, and some of the other things that I’ve done was, I was ready to shoot. But then, when I look back at the iPad I sort of realised that in the, there’s a shot of my camera. Sorry, my camera. There’s a shot of my microphone. So my microphone was sat in shot, and I’ve just moved it to the floor and little things like that are really kind of crucial to how you might put these together is a peg, holding the camera. So I got a tripod, that is a little bit funny the way which people present things is often edited together but when we watch these videos, or even if we watch a movie we forget the editing process of many putting that together. And actually, if you were more aware of it you would watch it and realise this is flawless is one clip. How on earth do they sit there and talk so calm and effortlessly and with such confidence, and I think they just come with time, having the presenter, kind of mode and mindset. I’ve done face and setup, which I think is really good. And I know many of the people might know and then just go and get a camera and that’s fine. There is no issue or problem with that. Other than icon view that I have found a certain way to be set up,

because I want the best quality. If you did it my way.

You would have everything you would own the best camera in the world. And I don’t have that. So, this is a balancing act that is always going to be a little bit weird or pear shaped to begin with. And I think it’s really important to put that together and put it out there and do it and just go is done. I think that currently myself is interesting. A few of the things I’m going to point out.

The second camera. The, the iPad.

I didn’t care about the second cameras quality, so I just thought might be nice to play with and edit different angles. And we see that in interviews mainstream interviews, really big celebrity interviews with an interviewer. And it kind of works and I like that but I didn’t need it and it didn’t feel like it needed to be great so what are the quality that I give is still going to be good. So I’m trusting you. Having said that, I, it needs to be sort of, I say that go. So I would say the underlayment is about 45 degrees, and less than that. And that kind of does you know, and I think with that it has to be on the side of the light, and of the natural light source and or the first light source. One of the things that I thought was really important was, as I was doing the setup. I got to a point where I was just bored. I was just bored or thinking I need to do this or not. And I had to take that leap of faith. If you’re doing your first YouTube video, you need to get to the point where you just click and start talking. And I did that in the past. So I’ve had that journey and I think I’m doing that again. And it’s much harder when you know you’re going to definitely put it live. And I think that’s the difference is that I know that I’m going to edit this together and then put it. And in the past what I’ve done it. I was in the same stage of being nervous, but I didn’t know I was going to put it out there, and I had the option to do that or not. And I think you’ve got to commit and do the old way. One thing I have to say is the reason for me. Ultimately, doing this isn’t because I wanted to in the end, is because the phone is charged the iPad is charged. But this camera is like half battery. So right now I don’t touch your face. So I’m hoping he will hold on each other. Yes. So, always check your battery and always have been challenged his lesson chose things up. I need to kind of wind this down because it’s already out. So, I don’t know what would say this is my first video.

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