This blog post is all about my reflections on YouTube and the commitment we need when strategising and delivering digital marketing plans.

YouTube is the second most visited search engine. I would love to tell you that Google is not the first one but it is being both parts of the same company, the alphabet group, it makes sense to adhere to Google Analytics SEO. Things like Hummingbird, and also YouTube trends.

All in all, having to create a reasonable amount of content on YouTube is actually really, really difficult. I didn’t think it would be easy but I thought I would be smart enough to find a way forward. I found myself in a position where I was recording a video and I drew a blank. I just paused froze up and thought to myself that this might be the wrong thing to do. It’s at this moment that lots of other people might have experienced the same thing, and retreated away and given up on their start to YouTube started.

It’s at this point where people might have a marketing plan or a strategy and would have stopped deploying it. I think commitment is something that is very important. But beyond that, looking at your brand values, and why you are there, delivering that it’s really important to understand why you’re using YouTube. This works the same for any channel. Why are you on social media?

More and more recently, I am of the mindset that I need to be clear that I do not need to be on social media. I could retreat to older ways of doing marketing, dare I say knocking on doors, cold calling people. Obviously, networking events are out the window now with COVID-19, but giving up the strategy, out of nowhere, seems very defeatist.

So here’s what I’ve learned I always plan ahead. Always understand that it’s a human being that has to create or plan, the content. This means, there might be sick pay. Or if you’re self-employed or a freelancer, then you need to allow time to be sick. You need to allow time to have fun like have a birthday. And sometimes not working in a last-minute environment would be very helpful. So when you are thinking of how to deliver your content, it’s probably quite smart to think, from the early onset. How you can complete that work at least a week or two before the publishing date deadline. In fact, if you work in an organisation, it might be wise to think more in blocks of two or three weeks before the scheduled date.

The thing that I discovered on YouTube, was that this could also work backwards. You don’t have to think about the end date that it might get published. You just need to be two or three videos, ahead of it in the blog world, you just have to be three blog posts, ahead of yourself. If you end up with four, four blog posts, then that’s a great thing because you’ve just got one month ahead of yourself.

My point here is just to be human, and understand that even though you are developing a marketing strategy for some form of economic success with key performance indicators. You are still human at the end of it. Planning ahead and delivering ahead of time will hopefully help you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that things are still ticking over.

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