How To Speed Up Your WordPress Pages

Improving page speed is vital to increasing Google ranking. Improving page speed is one element.

Improving and helping you speed up your site is vital to increasing Google ranking. Improving WordPress page speed is one element. Read on to find out how plugins can help to speed up your WordPress site.

It is important to understand that we are all human. I mention this in an earlier post. I mean anyone can play the game and get a great rank score on Google. Now. back to how to Speed Up Your WordPress Pages.

After spending half of my day trying to fix my own issues, I thought I would share how you can improve the loading speed of your WordPress page or website.

Through the entire process you will need this website. Google have kindly put together a speed testing kit. This is the Speed Up Your WordPress Pages gold dust. We are now a step closer to speeding up your wordpress site. That doesn’t always work how you want it to. It replicates what Google does. By live testing you can gain results make the changes you need. frequently doing this allows you to pick up a little delay.

Use Google Speed Insights to speed up your wordpress page.

Repeat the process. Using the same time, to remain consistent.

Speed Up Your WordPress Pages with my My Top Digital Plugin Tools –

This is great for optimising and reducing image file sizes. It is free to use. Install. Smush your backlog. Future images get automatically processed.

Web pages load everything. Hummingbird minifies files like CSS, JavaScript and HTML. It ignored stuff that doesn’t need to load. Boom. Pages load faster.

Performance Booster
This is one that you might ignore. Infant i don’t know it does anything. It just sites there. Why am I suggesting it? Short story. I tested it and without it, my pages loaded two milliseconds slower. My speed test rank score dropped a few points. Its a good one.

Super Cache
There are other cache refreshers. This one is one of my favourites. It has worked on many client website. It just works. How? It drastically reduces loading time. User experience gets an improved too.

What Plugins I left Out

I don’t want you to think this is a short list. It’s really unfinished in some ways. This will give you a boost. At the very least a great start. The ones that didn’t make the cut were duplicates to this list. Technically offering you overlapping tools can hurt your site speed. As you will see, it already varies.

Get cracking. Give them a go and tell us how it went. If you need help, get in contact. Even better tweet us.

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