Facebook’s Nick Clegg says it takes two to Tango!

Facebook’s Nick Clegg says it takes two to Tango. The ex-politician come Global Facebook leader has just posted, and its a decent read.

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In this blog post, I won’t cover old ground and repeat what has been said. I will let you know what I think is missing.

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Facebook do a fine job and algorithms are wonderful at being unique to us like a fingerprint. Looking at Nick Clegg’s blog post, personally I don’t love finding posts tailored to my needs. I don’t have connections with my old high school buddies. Would I share things with them? No. More importantly, why does Facebook not just know that I have moved on now?

The answer. I am human and it’s a robot. To me that suggests that they want to keep serving me stuff that doesn’t interest me. It doesn’t interest me. I am often either seeking something an algorithm can’t measure.

Content ranking is a dynamic partnership between people and algorithms.

Nick Clegg says it takes two to Tango!

I am not a negative person and do have a solution. The hope is that somewhere, Facebook is listening. To use the wonderful Shopping analogy mentioned by Nick Clegg, the person going into the shop just goes to buy what they need. For me this is where things get interesting. Whilst we walk around, we are being sold things. Point of Sale (POS) is a real thing.

One time there was a lady who told me which wine was good. This was random. Paying for goods is stressful now. What if a cashier made me laugh.

If Facebook created a random element, it would maybe open the door. Drip feeding randomised content and promo content would work. Let’s take inspiration from science. The chaos theory. Sometimes need to let the pendulum swing. There is always a equal force in the opposite direction.

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This is a shorter blog post. It could go on forever.
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