Medium Develops Series

Medium have just rolled out ‘series’.

Founders of Twitter Evan Williams, just one of the geniuses from Twitter, decided to launch his own blog called Medium in August 2012. It was an obvious success. The same clean feel and look with an honest way to show written content was born. Well, it was already born and out there but now Medium had a really new take on it.

Just like Google, Twitter and Facebook, Medium became bigger and bigger. It also needed bigger and bigger funding behind it. A few years back Medium decided to go back to alpha for a little and find ways to monitise, like other giants did.

The question was asked, who wanted to be part of a testing way to release content so that it was available through a pay wall. This system would then allow writers to get paid through this platform.  Many accredited and respectable writers would certainly see this as a win win. Journalists would obviously love this development too.

Today, I’m updating this story. Medium don’t seem to have followed through on this at all. Instead, they are taking it easy. They have just rolled out ‘series’.

Stories can now be unfolded card by card. A new way has been introduced!

Essentially people can read a part of a story and be left with a cliff hanger. The publisher would come along and write a few extra cards and when they are done, the reader gets a ping and read some more.

The new changes have been updated and implented now so that everyone can join in and take part. After a few months we are expected to see some weilding results that will help Medium decide on the trends new direction. Although the pay wall and subscription aspects have all but disappeared from our sites, we are sure they will be making a comeback. It all depends o how people now choose to read the web.

Have Medium delivered something new that sets up a future trend, have they arrived to the party late? Let us know your thoughts !

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