Mr Robot pt 1

Mr Robot seems to have the narrative voiceover. I would be foolish to make compare it to other styles. It begins in the similar way you might see Dexter played out. The story line makes things far more complicated and in some ways this way of storytelling is now entirely underpinned by the way Rami Maliki character talks about himself and his friends. What is unique is his playfulness. On more than one occasion he goes on to say “won’t you join me?” Or “what do you think”. In one episode he even asked “can you help?”. This is not only unique but unusual. We, the audience are being asked to enter his world of hacking and psychotic behaviour.

The voiceover empowerment and the continuing bourgeoise control is something that is forever fought. The programme did win a number of Bafta however at the end of season two I’m finding myself ask the question, who cares and is there a drive to push this programme forward. Sam Esmail, creator, would argue this is a real culture that already exists. I would agree in part, however making this mainstream makes it more popular. Is hacking and various plot lines real or just drama that is second guessing.

I am going to attempt to see what others are saying online and also  form a conclusion on the Mr Robot culture.

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