Immediately I have to be bias reading the wonderful open writing style which is, in my opinion, just like my own style. Be warned, this is a very cool and detailed blog post. I personally ignored the fact that they used the word hacker that often. Having said that, when I did hear it, I saw it as a verb used to describe a criminal act in a negative light. The blog post reads true when it says the definition of hacker is more aligned to repurpose and recycle to make a better new model. The idea of a hacker is okay but also pigeon holes people to think negatively about this culture. It also allows plenty of room for viewers to skate around the fact that people in Mr Robot really exist purely because they have a demoralised view of their society. Mr Robot does idolise hacking whilst maintaining that only unstable people would behave in this manner. As I’ve mentioned, the reality is the opposite.

In fact, off topic, I once spoke to a friend who looked at a guy, checked his attire and described them as well read, good looking and fashionable. The style and brand of clothes gave them the impression that this person was a data analyst. It turned out they were right.

Back on point, within any niche there can now be a wide variety of different types of people. The character of Elliot is simply too obvious and genetic. Mind you it does fit what people think and therefore helps the people connect a little faster once they have their assumptions affirmed.

Finally the blog goes on to mention Joanne McNeil who said,

“I started watching Mr. Robot thinking it was for me — someone interested in tech politics, security, internet culture — but it really isn’t. It is for someone who has Fight Club, Trainspotting, and Seven on DVD on a shelf above his bed.”

The funny think here is that I love watching the drama unfold. Nicola also loved the first few episodes of this, but loves these films mentioned a lot more.

Spoiler Alert….

After watching the season two finale, I turned to her and tried to explain the madness. Usually her reaction is one of dullness. Instead she is talking over me and repeating quotes and scenes from Fight Club. This never occurred to me before. It clearly does have similarities across all seasons.

So, as Jeremy Clarkson says at the end of his Amazon series, on that bombshell… I’ll have to leave you there. If you want something even more intense, read the next batch!

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