Mr Robot pt 4

This fourth and final one is very difficult and detailed. There are many blogs Posts out there like the McAfee one that is just far too simple it’s basically an overview. The cultural view points provided in the past one were great. This time you get to read about if Mr. Robot a good representation of real-life hacking and hacking culture.

What I seem to be unable to find is actual evidence that Mr a Robot is actually sound with the knowledge and jargon it dramatises. This is the answer. Yes, it’s spot on.

One answer tells us that they are in the field and find it very detailed. It’s also great to learn that ToR software also has its limits. The service providers and protocols in place are always going to leave us with an area of vulnerability. It refreshing to have someone knowledgable tell us why Mr Robot would be paranoid. If you know code, then I guess you would be.

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