My Autumn Half Term learning

It’s the season when we shed old leaves and this blog post covers an overview of my Autumn Half Term learning.

So most of you might know that I have completed delivering yet another digital series. I have celebrated this by having an amazing week off. My other role is term time. So it fits perfectly.

I read somewhere that most self-employed people and social enterprise businesses tend to have working holidays and little time off. I get the same types of comments during sessions. People may be empowered by the knowledge I part with, but they also might feel more of a burden.

So, in turn, I tried to juggle a bit of work too. This week I had a light touch of Diwali, I’m not that religious. I also had an amazing time at Harry Potter world. Other than the fun stuff I attended two courses.

The first was Kexx – how to set up a CIC fast.

I really wanted to add a link but the Udemy site blocked the link resulting in a 403 error. If you are interested, please visit Udemy and search for the relevant course made by

So I was pretty mixed about this because I didn’t know what to expect. I also was gutted that I had plans to create a course of my own. I did do some research but then didn’t get around to it. Logging in, I could see that I needed to change my settings to student mode.

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Once I was in and signed up, I was done in a few days. Unlike most courses that have reams of text and quizzes, FututreLearn I’m looking at you, this one was filled with videos. There were some great examples too.

Overall it was a helpful little session that was really very detailed. Having done self-assessment taxes and other boring business I could see that this process was potentially a new start and far more exciting. It’s a business with meaning. The angle from the arts was interesting and provided a bunch of clever funding insight. It even went as far as providing sustainable business tips. I think I have played down the course here. It’s a bit of a gem.

Next up is the guru of YouTube Sean Cannell who owns Think Media.

Now don’t get me wrong, this was really great in many ways. I think the summary here is easy. It was a very basic YouTube course that was free. It also had some little gems in it. The main premise of this course seems to be coated in a very Americanised way of delivering digital streaming community sessions. I think the British way is far more restrained and held back. I was often checking myself to see if I was pumped or not because everyone on there was really pumped.

Personally, I already know a fair bit. I also know what I need to do next, I don’t have time. Not an excuse, more a fact. This stuff was mostly really easy and hyped-up stuff. There were a few nice bits in there with two really great tips. All in all, I am glad I watched the replays and didn’t join in for an hour across five days. I managed to skip three hours and skim-watch them in under one hour.

Comparing courses during my Autumn Half Term learning

The actual amount of knowledge gained was minimal. Maybe massive for an absolute beginner. Comparing courses, well Kelly and the CIC workshop win hands down.

What’s next for me?

So I seem to be on a general winning streak here I am making content all the time. The issues is around consistently and ramping up some of my services. Between now and Christmas I will be creating and publishing more helpful guides, podcasts and videos.

I also have new workshop plans for February. There might even be something happening in January (secret). There are also a few new websites I am helping to deliver and two unique individuals who I am mentoring.

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