My Trello Wish

More recently I have felt the pressures of work. Balancing children and a personal life has meant that I’ve needed to really push my work buttons more and more. Long personal story short, I needed to create a much more solid plan.

Back Story – Get to the point – Go To – Trello meets the real world

A great advisor of mine, and also client, gave me some more help recently. The advice was to simply to take a look at developing a real plan of action across 12 weeks. For some strange reason my mind can’t control me enough to call it a 12 week plan. I have to call it a quarter. The creative / visual person in me immediately has a shot of a pie chart from Excel that is divided into four.

Following on from this, they also showed me how they did it. Out came a massive binder with each week marked on one A4 paper. This is pretty much the bible and answer for anyone wanting tips on how to plan better. She was on the ball and organised. Once again, my mind had issues with something. Its been a long time since I’ve been trained to think digital and I can’t get past this binder.

Logically, I have ideas and progress reports that I like to check on at the most strangest time. Having this book pulled out didn’t make sense to me. In fairness I don’t think any list management system could also compete. Trello is certainly the answer.

Trello Meets The Real World

Once I moved over to the interface I was yet again faced with the contemplation on how to lay this out. I’ve decided that I needed to really link this to Wunderlist despite the real lack of any integration tools. So I hooked this up to Zapier and now I can have both! Now im ready, I still can’t get around this binder. The binder was actually really clever. You could add post it notes as actions. If things got too busy you would move them all up a little so you can manage your planner. It’s both accurate and flexible.

Trello is amazing but now I felt the need to create boards that were really specific. All the boards I’ve got seen a tad convoluted. I can’t really make this simple ¬†and am stuck in this unsimplified board now. I have a stay like this because my cards really need to move more fluidly, like the post it notes jumping from page to page.

My Trello Wish

I would love it if I could have a sort of subgroup under each list. This would allow me to group a collection of cards together more visually. I want to make clear this idea is completely different to the way labels are used.

The second wish I have is to allow my post its / cards to travel with ease across boards. Ideally just through a click and drag. This should mean I could keep things simple all the time. The already versatile Trello could now be even more versatile.

I wish Trello could consider my issues and see if other people think have my pain.
Or am I unique?

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