New Trello 2021 Update – My Journey Back!

We have been busy helping people stay productive and find their way through the UK lockdown by developing new digital strategies. Of course, productivity hacks have been part of this!


With all our knowledge going out to help people. I hit a hard spot. This led me looking at Notion and the idea of tables. This really excited me. The ability to roadmap and timeline and also prioritise in tables was a revelation. Fast forward and in summary, Notion took too long because the sky is the limit. Customisation took a lot longer than I thought and that was just for my dummy runs.


Then I moved over to Asana. This was different because the Notion did well on all devices. Asana Adoption time was minutes and seconds. It also seemed far more seamless across all platforms. The strangest thing was that Jira was also on the scene. Strangely I actually used Asana on my iPad and thought Jira on Desktop was the same thing! This leads me to Jira.


After realising that Asana and Jira were different I also realised it was part of Atlassian. I pondered. Maybe I can automate my already good structure from Trello to Jira with ease. Truthfully it was a pain. Too many moving parts that didn’t work together. I also came to realise that I loved Trello for being itself and not moving. It is just amazing.

Returning to Trello

I started using Trello less because I was looking around. Essentially I needed to go back to Trello and update some old cards. Easy right? I had also created a whole new workflow that I was trying to create. Coming back to Trello was initially depressing because I had so much admin to do and I also ran out of my Gold membership.

The idea of Teams is now firmly embedded and long gone are those days of creating a board and leaving it hanging around. Rather than ignore the changes, I embraced it. I placed all things, generally, together. I then looked at collections.

Creating collections was not by accident. I had created this landing page for all my Tea and Toast – digital marketing client data. This was starting to shape up really good. Having collections named meant that I had a sub-navigation for them. The Trello board work just got deeper.

Then it hit me. There was a new button. I could now click on. ‘Board’. This meant that I could view these other areas. In honesty, I knew about them already. I just underused the timeline feature. Using Calendar was always there and helpful. The new edition here is the Dashboard and Table.

I can’t lie. I was thought the dashboard was great and equally simplistic. I needed time and possibly more flexibility in how it was pulling information together. Usually I just need more time.

Trello Tables

Tables is where it was at. The filtering system for adding boards all in one team now became clearer. Without Trello Gold membership gone, it meant that I would become more reliant on using one team more. This would in turn create more productivity. The world loves collaborations and Trello lets you.

The entire team homepage now allows us to switch to team with ease too. Similarly to the worries I had for the dashboard, I think that the table structure could offer more complexity and allow us to add new columns that stem from board contents. This is a huge concern of mine.

Final Review

In summary, for me, I had no choice. I had to return. Trello offers me everything I need. I can be a geek with tables and also enjoy being free and creative through boards. I can also make calendars. I can even share single boards or entire team departments with people.

The tipping point for me is that I wanted to invest. So I did. I signed up for the new Team subscription. Thinking about my poorest low budget self, the cost is cheap. However, as a student with no budget, the tabular function wouldn’t exist. It only becomes a feature when you buy into it.

Best Choices For You

Here is my breakdown of what I think might suit you best, on the surface, without know you. If you want a keener eye and more guidance, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or email.

No budget
Creative – Trello
Tables / Data Geek – Notion (and now Trello)
Web Dev – Jira (Atlassian) (and now Trello)
Digital Marketer – Trello or Asana
Writer / Blogger – Asana or Trello

Calendar Issues

After taking the time to move around Table view, I realised that Calendar view was really important. I had a number of events in the next month ahead. This means managing my time across the next few weeks clients would be crucial. I luckily had the covered because Trello does like this. Having a Tabular view is great and covers any or all boards within the team. In stark comparison, the Calendar view only lets you view the Calendar, or Timeline for that matter, for each board.

This left me feeling really short-changed. The reality here is that I was being led towards a great new feature. I even signed up. Having gone through the motion, I now needed the existing alternative views to be accessible within the Team page view.

Please don’t begrudge me. I’m not sponsored. I just like Trello. I have also onboarded new clients who are satisfied because I use tools like Tello. Using the new updated version just makes them even happier. They should really start an affiliation programme. Equally, as mentioned, they did such a good job that even more work is now needed to make it up to date.

In the long run, my hope is that development and changes dates are far more frequent. Trello in general has not done this and would benefit in subscriptions if ALL of their platforms had regular updates and were more in sync.

The parent company Atlassian has probably started with Trello and now unsure of how it needs to fit into its structure. Moulding it in as part of its group might be tricky. Currently, and historically, the company has not been great at integrating its own services and Trello has sat outside. In turn, this should offer you the insight into their strategic decision making when it comes to Trello’s future.

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