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 My promise is to stay as true as I can to my real voice. If you meet me, then read a tweet. You should see a massive similarity.

I can’t express how much I love Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my days on and off. There us to be a time where I was an addict. Being on Twitter was something that just happened and my gaze seemed to last all day. On future I received followed and good client work. Equally, I had less time to deliver work.

Today I’m more of a casual tweeter who dips in every few days. I feel that as a strategy and common sense, I need to make the effort. The only real issue there is that I’m actually not at the point where I am now interested and want to be more immersed. It’s a slippery slop that I have so far avoided.

So how do I tweet?

I’m sorry, but that secret is safe. I believe there is a system that has not been spoken about. Once you have a way to deliver Twitter, you will win every time.

What is social media all about?

If we take a look at 2016 trends and 2017 predicted trends, we are looking at an even bigger shift towards social media marketing. I’m afraid that social tools are going to be evermore emerged into social media practices. It’s a fact that systems like Twitter were not actually built to help us communicate. There has always been an element of promotion. Marketing has been the main reason for these big social sites to become well known and rich.

 Social media is for communicating!

This was once true. Whilst companies and brands were busy learning, many others were trying and succeeding at marketing, or maybe just at networking and communicating. The early stages were pure and people did just talk and discuss ideas and reviews. Great. I sounds like a digital hippy.

How should I use Twitter

People that want to get well know and make money on Twitter, fine, good luck. There is an art and it’s now aligned to marketing. If you ask me, Twitter should still be like it was when it was old-school. It should have less of these images and tweet one of ten. The idea of identity is something that is more of a challenge to people. The reason why social media marketing can be a challenge is because we have moved it so far way from being human and the natural organic manner of speech that it’s now fast becoming a dot on the horizon.

My Promise

If you want to know how to get followers. Note: not a million, just enough to manage and call a true audience, then get in contact. I promise you real brand and identity and a fine balance of social marketing alongside … identity!

My promise is to stay as true as I can to my real voice. If you meet me, then read a tweet. You should see a massive similarity.

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