Paper FiftyThree is Ace !

We have used Paper 53 for many many years, and thought it really needs a little shoutout. Here is a blog on how to use this tool creatively and as a management & planning tool.

Its been a long time since I remember first signing up to the app Paper 53. To this date it is still the best app for drawing. In Fact, it’s the best app for other reasons too, and it will blow your mind.

One area that has taken a nose dive is the navigation. Thats because it use to be highly creative and use the idea of looking into a book more literally. The new updates mean that the it has taken a step back into a more traditional navigation system. We think you will agree. The first image (below) is the better user interface for an ipad.

There are a limited number of tools available but the ones that are there are massively powerful and are delivered to us in a very cool interesting design. The usability of the ap is just unreal. It requires no technical knowledge or ability. YOu just need to crack on enjoy it. its perfect! This small quick intro to brush types really does show you how creative the app tool is.

Click here to view full image. Click here to view full image.

If you are an artist that is in need of a tool, this is certainly the one. The company behind it have made attempts to bring artwork together and share it in a cool way too.


So, the best part of this app is here.

Over the years we have managed clients and a number of projects. All of which needed planning. This cool app lets you create your own book. Within this , each page could be used as a planning tool. This is exactly what we did. When we needed to make a plan, we made it here! Each client would then have their own book that would allow us to make notes during and after meeting. These pages would develop into new pages where a timeline of events or tree diagram would be drawn out. This simple drawing creative app has now been transformed. Better still, you can export individual pages to other apps and share them as images.

Within the labour trade there are many areas where tradesmen need to be present and build and communicate on site. This app allows you to take a picture and embed that into a page. You can now draw and doodle all over this. One option could be to draw how a room could look and how you could lay it all out. Another way to use this could be to use it as a measuring tool. Either way, its easy to then take this info and make sure you can share this with your team super fast.

The efficiency levels of many modern tools are really high and adding Paper53 would be a massive boost. The flexibility of the app app is what makes it so appealing.

We really do hope we have begun to make you think, tools exists, you could use this one in a unique way that suits you. At this juncture, its probably wise to make clear we do love this app. We dont have any affiliate marketing of any sort for this app. So rest assure yourself. Its honestly a cool app to have and use in many different ways.

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