Premiere Pro – Mistakes I made

Whilst I knew how to use Premiere Pro on the outset, it had been some time since I haven’t used it. Getting back into it was reasonably easy for me but I made a serious mistake when rendering that I thought I would share with you.

Let's start with a screenshot here so you know what I am looking at.
Let’s start with a screenshot here so you know what I am looking at.

So everything here looks fine. Just a normal timeline. If you take a closer look you can see there are a few different tabs in here. These Sequences allowed me to play with different types of edits and styles. If you’re new to Premiere Pro and love Illustrator, its a lot like having different artboards.

Once I finished my project I went to export it and found the settings a little daunting. After searching YouTube a few times I quickly learnt that all those options are not needed.

The best video and the one that came up every time was one Rebel_Arena.

The H.264 setting is perfect most just about everything.
Preset under that doesn’t need to be set unless you have one in mind. It will change to custom the second you make any changes.
The Encoding Settings should be 5.2 or maybe 6.0.
The BitRate has to be VRC 2pass. It basically holds the quality.
The tick box Render at Max Depth also needs to be ticked.
Right at the end it also gives you an idea of exporting file size too.

My best advice is to give it a go and play with the settings. Once you have done this, I’m sure you are done. Unless you made my rookie mistake.

Matching Quality

The key to my mistake was fairly simple in some ways. What I was exporting was fine. What I didn’t notice was the quality of my work. I knew that the quality was good because it was all in high resolution. Going back to the exporting screen I missed a little detail.

In this shot, it’s a bit clearer what I put in is the source. When it was wrong I was exporting from 720 upwards. Even now, it’s still showing that I am trying to scale up. As with images, video is no different, scaling up is bad.

Having identified this, and knowing the source was actually fine I looked at my starting point. Let’s go to File>New Sequence.

This is a shot of what it should look like.  I usually try and go for 24 or 25 as a basic frame rate. Having 30 is okay too and probably give you a touch more clarity in fast-moving action videos.


Where I was going wrong wasn’t the exporting settings. It was what I was setting up as a file type, or sequence. By setting it up as 720 by whatever, it was exporting as that.

I use a MacBook and monitor the fan and heat. When exporting I found it was taking far too long and also close to frying my processor at over 100 degrees.

By changing the sequence settings and setting up the file at the right resolution in the beginning just made everything flow. The rendering in-to-out was immediately far higher in quality. Doing a final export at the correct 1080 setting was also a great deal faster too. Actually, the fan and temperature was really decent and maybe touched 90degrees for less than a second or two.


Well, there’s my input on how to check you Premiere Pro exporting settings. I hope you enjoyed it. Please tell me what your experience is like and if you did anything different. Feel free to tweet @teaandtoast or leave a comment.

Thank you ?


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