Productivity Hack – White-boarding with Miro

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I want to talk to you about Miro because I found myself talking about Trello a great deal and need to stop saying that because i’ve got a real love for using Trello. Now might be the time to shout about Miro because it’s such a great thing.

It’s a great thing if you’re a company or an organisation and I would suggest buying into it especially if you’ve got Microsoft. Now if you’ve got google definitely go for mirror i don’t thinkthey’ve got anything like that i think they tried and they didn’t quitesort of pull it together there was abeautiful thing called muraliuh m u r adot l y it was one of them dial wiseyeahum and then when i discovered miro i waslike this is itand since then i’m not justselling you something i’ve not got anyreason to make this video they’re notsponsoring me you don’t think they careabout meor who i know who i am but the countlessnumber ofsocial enterprises businessesthat i’ve helped um i mean they’ve benefited from the use of miraso much and they’ve managed to do thatbecausethey were able to collaborate and ithink part of this is a little bit likethe zoo mentalityof um the pandemic in 2020and having such a thing like coronavirushas meantpeople have to still work together orhave startups orthey’ve got a reason to communicatethese ideas and valuesand traditionally we would crowd around in a room and we’d have one person thatmight be sat up front and go okay thisis this and they’d have a whiteboardand miro is literally this whiteboardtool whereyou can dump stuff nowbefore miro i would go into that roomand i would bethe leader that whatever that would belike talking and i would open upillustrator and i would talk to peopleand i would have toget their important add it to stuff andillustrator is great becausesuch a creative graphic design toolthat’svector-based rather than pixel based andyou’d i’d be able to like put stuffaroundand i’d create boxes and stuff butbecause it’s so rawi would have to create those boxes nowthat’s no way tomind i mean it’s okay umand it was a great way of using thatalternativelyhowever miro is just like it’s for thatuse you can get a mind map you can get akanban you can getum flowcharts you can do all these otherkind of presetshowever you can just have a board andstart clicking onhaving different things on it and whenother people come on you can kind of seetheir cursor so you can see where theirmouse is goingso if you had a big chat and you saidpeople voteyou could have a voting poll in a systemand that would workbut you could also have a system wherepeople just hover their mouses to theirfavorite choiceso everyone would go pick a b or c andeveryone’s mouse would go over aso you’d be able to kind of go roughlyspeaking we havex number of people on there so there’s anumber of different ways of using miroin that senseand it really allows you to connect tohaving lots of people online andcomment and talk and when i say talk imean likeuh add to the whiteboardat the same time i thinkthe mistake i made there was describe itas a collaborative tool umin real time like you can communicateit’s more of a visual toolso you don’t have that audio or youdon’t have the visualface to face it’s more about the worksmore about you see the whiteboardnow when you look atusing something like a videoconferencing tool or where you’re ableto do a video chatthen the power in that is where itreally comes out becauseyou would be able to say in real timecan we all vote for did itand you don’t need to do it by email andwait for that and give a deadline datewhich you could dobut you could do it in real time rightyou’ve got 10 seconds to votemove your mouse or click on the buttonand then you can see tangibly rightnow we need to go for this voice andthen you canhave the whiteboard effect there so ifyou imagine that roomin the old days with the whiteboard themixture ofvideo call and mirror completely make upfor itso i’m sort of suggesting you don’t needthe workplace honeysorry boris johnson or donald trump umi think it’s really cool having thattool becauseif you’ve got a common language you’reable toalso have other people from otherplaces in the world as wellinternationallywork together on that stuff i meanthat’s crazy talk rightbut it’s possible now and mira wasreally helpful becausewhen i talk to any kind of businessstartupthey all kind of sit on the same page ofi talk about stuff and i feel like italk about lots of bitsand i think everyone learns from bitsthat’s fine however when youneed to really piece a piece of strategytogetheryou need it together in a framework soyou need it as a processand that’s why i use trello but in theinitial stages to understand wherethe bits might go or to understand auser experience or use a journeyjourney or how you might mock up aproduct digitallythese are areas where miro would benefitusing you in that way because you couldhave those mocksthere and you could have voting systemsin place you can then play around withthe elements and move them aroundyou no longer need designkind of know-how you just need someonethat knows how tounderstand user journey user experienceand ask the right questions andformulate that together in one place andvoila you kind of got it in a nutshellumso yeah i kind of wanted to come on hereand give you ahey look at miro and say yeahhave a look if you want to know my toptools there’s a whole bunch of them uhandgradually as we get on through thischannel i’m gonnatalk about more and more of them soplease do tell me what you think aboutme wellif you did like this uh video and it hasbeen anyof any relevance to you then please doleave a like and do subscribe it means agreat deal to me that you do thatso please do like the video and staytuned untilnext time thank you for watchingyouEnglish (auto-generated)

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