Quick Update On Me !

I have to tell someone about what ive done. Tea and Social is far more than something small to me. Im trying to develop this event into something cool that you the audience wants. One of the possible avenues is that we turn Tea and Social into a social enterprise.

I was shortlisted  for School of Social Entrepreneurs!
The application process received hundreds of applications. From these only eighty were shortlisted. Im please to say that I have been shortlisted. The positive outcomes are that There are many more links to be made and many more avenues to explore. At the very least I have started an interesting chain of events.

If I get in, it’s going to be a year of behaving like a part time student. The rewards will be endless and more frequent. I could focus more on one idea and drive it to success. I would also be able to develop the website a little more too as it feels a little unloved.

The idea would be to open up this amazing event and push it to its limits. Tea and Social will be better supported by me and my peers. Alongside this journey I want to include as many people as I can within the community.  There is not much more to say at this moment in time other than, fingers crossed.

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