Rethinking What Trends actually are

Do you remember the old days where trends were a thing? They still are. During this dramatic change in times where people are self-isolating, it occurred to me that we need to rethink how this works.

Once upon a time, we would be waling the streets and trying to find out lunch. I don’t know about you but meeting clients or finding time to buy clothes was also tricky. Now that most of us work from home, we love to shop online more. This is the new norm. We need to now acknowledge that your routine has changed. This, in turn, means that we need to consider our habits may have also changed.

I’m only writing this because I experienced the gentle addiction to Twitter I always feel. I noticed that I was looking for trends. In doing this I also noticed that the world was volatile. We don’t think logically however AI tries to second guess us. On the 9th September 2020, we saw UK government change guidelines from meeting 30 people to only meeting six people. Any more than six and it’s illegal. I know this sounds crazy but during Covid19 it is very normal. What happened next?

People in the UK followed the rules and within minutes took it literally. Having seven people gather is illegal. Heartfelt sorrow went out to a well know pop music band called S Club 7. People we also joking abut which one might get left out. Old pop songs from the band reappeared and became animated gif’s.

What is my point?
Once upon a time, a trend was something like a movement or a news item. It was something popular. Trends as a term still tell us this is what it is. Having seen things change so often on tangents, I have now come to learn that trends are more about the pulse and heartbeat of what people are thinking and feeling at that moment in time. It is more about how we feel.

I’m aware this might seems strange but tying it back to digital marketing, it might give you a small insight into how to keep on top of your social network. It might also go some way to explain why a campaign didn’t work. People moving off-topic is part of their emotional dialogue and that can is naturally different from your campaign. This is exactly why more and more digital marketers are suggesting emotional and empathetic social media campaigns.

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