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When building a website for a client, it’s obvious that everything takes time and it needs to all come together. When it comes to my website it feels a little more close to home. If we left it alone, it would never get done. I’m fully aware that it’s a development on its own and it needs time to come together.

One of the many aspects I am trying to user test is imagery. I have deployed a plugin called Huge-IT-Slider. IT does the job and seems cool. The only issue is that the shortcode outputs a squashed image. The placeholder itself seems to be squashed.

Usually in my blogs, I offer some kind of solution, however, I don’t have one yet, other than to try a different plugin.  Instead, I’m going to tell you what I could do.

First, it’s important to give it a try. The first thing I will do is make a few changes and test it out. It’s important to start with taking notes of the current setup and then go and change things. When things get messy at least we have a way back. When, and if, the problem is fixed, its best to probably give all the sliders the same treatment.

Whilst you are here editing images I would also take a look at the plugin dates and see if it’s valid. Open source CMS like WordPress tend to prompt plugin developers to update their plugin to its compatible with the current version of its software.

The third thing would be to take a look at the SEO on the images. This sounds odd but whilst you are here you might see something you could improve on. Usually, image SEO is left behind and will support the overall website if done effectively. This is not a task that needs to be done now but just something to watch out for while you are here. Take a note and add it to a future to-do list.

The very next and last thing I would do can be done either way round. Google a question like “WordPress plugins slider” and also search for new plugins through the CMS, like WordPress.

That’s it really. Once you understand my brain waves, you can see how the simple tasks take up time. The current stage I’m at, whilst writing this blog post is even stranger. I’m trying to edit the slider whilst pushing it to a few limits. This way I know if I want to change it or not. I’m also taking a look at a nice little blog post on the prowl for a new plugin.

If you need answers to your woes, please ask me anything in the comments below.

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