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I say this in jest because I find using otter.ai such a joy. In this blog post I wanted to talk about the balance of digital. I have just finished a YouTube clip where I rambled for about 15 minutes. In this video I discovered things I already knew. At the same time, new things were brought to life. I feel that I am often quite tough on myself. But through COVID-19, things have got better. I have developed and implemented a whole bunch of digital strategies for myself and for the companies. I have aided numerous new startup businesses and social enterprises. I clearly must like giving my missus is starting to tell me that I should maybe think about stopping, helping others. I’m not sure if I could do that on reflection. I can see that I have done things for myself.

For example, I’ve learned to play the guitar. I say this, like, I meant to learn how to play. But the truth is, my son wanted to learn how to play. I think I just had to learn the plus side to this is that I get a guitar and an electric guitar in the long run. ginger beer has also been a great fun. I have learned about how ginger has yeast on its skin, and how this has helped me to make homemade ginger beer. In case you’re wondering where I am going with all this. I’m simply stating what I think is the obvious anyone talking about a digital marketing communication strategy might be really good at it. However, there is a limit to their ability. Everyone must live life, first. This means you can then take what you’ve learned from life and implement that into any of your other practices like digital marketing. Let me paint a ginger beer digital marketing picture for you. 

Ginger Beer requires roughly a two week process. Week one is fermenting week two, is the last stage where you let it sit, so it accumulates the fizz digital marketing is a similar process, where you have to create something, and then you have to schedule it, and sit back and watch the fireworks. The scheduling process and the analytics is most certainly the second week in my analogy. If you are still reading at this point, and you don’t think I’m crazy. Thank you.

To hammer home, my key point. I am now going to talk about the idea of Google Trends. In fact, all trends and analytics are largely just based on digital interactions. In a way, this does make them false. This is all information that’s digital that’s led by digital. This is all led by people looking at things digitally. By definition, this means that people in life. Do think and feel things, but often do not express them, or go searching for them online. There is a trend still around. Using empathy and emotional language in your social media posts. There is still a massive trend around using data and analytics, and in particular Google Trends to predict and piggyback off existing trends. One needs to use this information to be able to gain traction on their content, and how to create that content. I understand all of this. What I don’t understand is how we can fail and miss what is real. If we are able to understand, real trends that happened in the world. Then we might be able to tap into those and pick out additional niche markets that no one has ever seen before.

My apologies but coming back to ginger beer. When I was reading up and researching on how to make ginger beer, I discovered that you could essentially ferment anything and everything. This sounds really gross. However, it can also taste really nice for foodies and chefs, and those who love pickles and that type of food. There is a particular type of topic, they would follow. They would say to me, follow the hashtag fermenting Friday. This sounds really strange to me. Here’s my main point. Without me living life without me rediscovering something new. Without me, taking an interest in something outside of my box, without me being open to other cultures, and trends. Without my curiosity. We just have the usual same old digital marketing. There is nothing new. Everything is dressed like it’s new, because it’s current or trending.

If we dig a little deeper you might see that all the thumbnails and keywords are the same. The process is the same. The language type is the same. My argument is that we all need to live a little and create a balance in our lives, where we are able to experience different things outside of what we normally would do. The second way to experience something new, is to reset our knowledge. For example, my little boy was interested in photography. Now this is an area where I know some stuff, but there’s also things that I don’t know, this is something where I could go back and start again.

By looking at this subject, through the eyes of a child. I’m now able to figure out how to take pictures from a completely new and novice point of view. It doesn’t really matter if you choose to reset the clock and go back to being a novice, or if you broaden your horizons and experiencing new take what’s essential for the future of digital marketing is that you think differently to the way everyone else does. It’s important to be unique, and for you to spot things. It’s important for you to live life, and understand people, many jobs have digital marketing and communications in one title. The reason for this is because digital marketing is about talking to people without seeing their face, engaging with people. Being able to make them feel connected.

It’s a skill.

It is an art.

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