The perfect content creation process for social enterprise

Are you trying to create the perfect content creation process for your social enterprise? I made a video recently all about this.


I also wanted to do a kind of session where I just have a little thing and a chat. So it’s nothing really specific, other than my journey on something that I did recently on my website.

I think it’s worth talking about the perfect process and content that I’ve done most recently. This was something that I found really tricky at first, but once I did it, it was really, really good.

Working with a title

So it started off as a mot checklist. And that was because I was thinking about putting my car in for its MOT. I’m actually not sure what it stands for. But it’s essentially it’s the test that your car needs to pass.

If you’re American, you won’t know that. So in a way, there’s a bit of a problem there because I had to find another way of wording it. After delivering it to mainly a UK kind of audience, it felt like I needed to broaden out that a little bit more. I seem to have quite a mixed bag of social enterprises from both the UK and the US. So I wanted to really engage with them and give them the content so everyone could receive it.

So I had to go back and rename the idea to a website checklist. This could be an annual thing that you do. So it would be a checklist and not an MOT. And I also added the word template in there. So I called it a template checklist or a checklist template, I can’t remember which one it was.

Keywords Research

So that helped the case a little bit. So I went into chrome and I went to the Keywords Everywhere tool, which is a Chrome plugin. And I searched for that bit of content that I thought I was gonna write about. So then that essentially formed my title. From there, I was able to work my way through the checklist.

I also did a sort of video and podcast around that. The key thing here is that I started with an unusual place of the script. I don’t like doing that I prefer a rough cut. “I’m going to talk to the camera” mode. I know what I’m going to do. And I think when it comes to writing text, it’s a little bit more thought out.

Scripting wins

In this instance, it really did work because I already had a structure. It was one that I audibly gave out in a workshop. So I knew that it worked. And then all I had to do was translate that down. And I think that that process helps me to write that content down. Just writing it down first. Reading from it isn’t something that I necessarily like or enjoy. I’d much rather have something that I’m able to kind of go, Okay, I’m going to now just say this stuff.

I know what the sections are freestyled through each section. That’s okay. The text was interesting because I think it did really well. I found it quite quickly peaked. It wasn’t necessarily that social media had anything to do with it. It just did really good with organic. And I think that organic search results in longtail keywords are really, really useful. If you can nail that, then you know you’re winning.

Being you-nique

I don’t want to come across as someone that’s just creating content that’s already out there. Or us doing this stuff. This is content that specifically made for social enterprises, because you’re changing the world, and you’re making it a better place. If you’re putting social impact first, above and beyond profiting, perfect.

I think that I want to serve that community. So by having written that, or delivering that, in that arena, it feels like the content quite naturally had that ethos of caring and sharing within it. So I was quite pleased with that. what I did notice was it hit, over 20. I’m not gonna sit here and say, I’m some amazing guru because I am not. It’s really hard. But the perfect process, for me, most recently, has been the opposite of what I’d normally do, which is videos.

The perfect process

So the perfect processes has proven to be finding my feet through video to then actually get around to doing what I need to do, which is to write down and look at keyword search everywhere to create that title.

When you create that title, you then are able to say, Okay, I’m going to now look at it in this other way where I’m going to record it, or I’m going to podcast it, not just write it.

The really interesting thing as another layer is that the organic search doesn’t just search your blog posts, it really likes the fact that you’ve done a video.

YouTube chapters – to improve SEO

As it was a video with sections, I was able to put timestamps. I essentially added chapters to the video. That made people that didn’t care about the intro or this and that, skip to various parts of it. So the chapters area is really, really good.

It allows you to understand, okay, YouTube, or Google Search likes YouTube, and it also likes really good SEO content. Both together make for something good.

I think everything is covered.

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