The Real Me

So, it occurred to me that my business pitch has changed a great deal and I now describe the real me much better. I think what was missing on this website was the crossover and reasoning for why I deliver the work I do. The answer is my children.


I’m not afraid of speaking out about my personal life anymore and I try and be myself as much as possible. The really doesn’t make me any less professional because I’m still very keen on how I deliver work and love the digital world. My saviours are my children who provide some balance in the real world.

My Children

I look after my children three days a week and try to run around like a busy body two days a week. My real days with the children are filled with lots of fun. With all of my knowledge of playwork and working in school clubs, not to mention working in and around primary schools, I feel that I’m lucky to have enough experience. I’m also fatherly and really do want my kids to be the best they can be. It’s just that the priority will always be confident and climbing trees.

My work Days

On my work days, I’m very committed to meeting people face to face as it helps break up my day. I complete my work because I am pretty geeky about how I do things. On busy days I have a timer and two screens whilst sat in a coffee shop. I will literally find any spot I can find to sit in and squeeze as much work as I can out of the time I have.

If you want to hear more about who I work in-house vs outreach, please leave a comment and ill get writing a few extra blogs. View lots of other blogs here.

The Crossover

The work I have delivered may change from time to time. More recently it has focused on where I have spent most of my time. In spending time with families and various activities, I have found my clients have been others who have children. Specifically, I have also worked with the National Childbirth Trust, Leeds Dads and the Rainbow Factory. These are just a few people. My hope is to continue to grow and learn. Hopefully at a fast pace just like my children.

That’s it. I thought I would provide people with an update and a chance to ‘briefly’ discover more about who I  am and what I do. Please do get in contact with me if you need any help with your projects. More importantly, if you thought this was valuable and relevant content, please comment. Allowing myself to be super open is new and I would appreciate the feedback, positive or negative.

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