The role of digital in social enterprise

What is the role of digital in social enterprise? Digital marketing plays a crucial role in amplifying social, financial, and environmental impacts. These enterprises use commercial strategies to generate revenue. This is then reinvested into social causes. Unlike traditional businesses, social enterprises focus on social impact over profits. In this blog post, I will explore the role of digital marketing alongside social enterprise.

How far can digital take us?

It’s worth starting with something that is obvious. It’s also worth us not doing a whole history lesson. Long story short, the world is spinning faster. It seems like new breakthroughs are more and more prevalent more often. Not long ago Canva pushed out new updates. Each one had an underlying AI element. Being able to be creative and web compliant seems possible. I remember when it wasn’t possible.

Knowledge divide

Technology seems to have come so far that there are now multiple solutions to the same thing. There are competitors in fields that we never knew before. I can’t count the number of times I have made a website for someone because their site was rubbish. It’s described this way because the client wasn’t happy. If you ask the developer, it’s a different story. The needs of a client are always translated into the developer using the eyes of the developer. I’m sure a developer somewhere hates me now. They did their best from a technical point of view. They have also gone on to ensure the clients know what’s right. Even retraining them! My apologies for offending anyone. My point is that there is a divide.

What does a SocEnt deliver

Let’s circle back. Social enterprise businesses are strange. Did you know that you can form a charity company? You can also create a Community Interest Company. The actual term social enterprise is not defined as a type of business by the government. The fundamentals of what a social enterprise does are what makes it a #socent. It is a type of business that makes the impact of social benefits a greater priority than profits. Let’s look at the marketplace. There are none. Socent businesses slot in with other commercial vendors and also seem to have a common trait. They offer something that makes an impact. The pure definition means it’s hands-on or face-to-face. Tea and Toast do not do the heavy lifting, as far as I can tell. The individual or team in the enterprise make the change. They advocate or campaign. Social enterprise is about being a change-maker. It’s about doing good. Doing your bit.

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