Tone of Voice Vs SEO

I feel like now is the right time to talk about how I battled with the tone of voice vs SEO. In this post I am going to demonstrate how I found the right tone of voice for me and google’s search engine optimisations process.

In the past

Previously I have written for local government, theatre and education as well as myself. Trust me when I tell you that the hardest is when you have to write about yourself or your business.

Blog posting problems

If you know some of my other ramblings, you will know that I find blogs hard. I have tried to deliver on video but failed. The processes for both of these require more than what I can offer in time. For some reason, podcasts are just perfect for me personally. I cover more about these parts over on a podcast called ‘how easy is it to start a podcast’.

tone of voice vs seo is jumping

Podcast springboard

Over time I have effectively used podcasts to create a zone where I can be happy and be myself. If I mess up then I just roll with it.

When it comes to tone of voice vs seo, it’s hard to find yours and then own it. My process has allowed me to feel comfortable being myself. This is just great news because now I have a hook or something I am also proud of.

Search Engine Optimising

In any process it’s worth mentioning that I have created some posts. I have also created or curated for others. Having a hand in analytics has meant that I know what might work. Where I excel is in refining and telling other what they might need to improve on.

Like I said earlier. It’a hard to do this when it’s just you or all about you.

SEO is something that you need to delve into and understand. One thing a lot of people do is just call it out like a nice sounding term. In actual fact there are a lot of strands to this. Knowing each area, even slightly, will give you a boost when it comes to knowing what tick’s google’s boxes.

If you find it hard at first with all the terminology, try this post first. It might help break things up for you.

Basic keyword research

The previous paragraph should get you thinking about the broad idea of SEO. If you ever need anything then all you need to do is drop me an email or a message on Twitter.

One area that does feed directly into tone of voice vs seo is keyword analysis. In one sense you should just be you and authentic.

On the flip side keywords can keep you on track. Imagine an independent financial expert writing blogs or delivering podcasts. Let’s be extreme and suggest we found an article on Google during the month of March. This is big business as its near the end of the financial year. Now let imagine the article in question is actually his favourite cookie dough recipe.

Topical theme

To be super efficient and stay on track, write out an expanded list of keywords that relate to what you offer or how you do it. Don’t take forever and only use a few hundred words. No more than 300.

This is a bit of a quick cheat sheet on how professional companies do it. It works. You just need to let it out. Once it’s out and onto paper, it should also be affirmed into your mind.

Core thematic structure

tone of voice vs seo and keyword thematics by Tea and Toast - Pritesh Parmar

With the keywords everywhere, it’s time to cull and select just the best. This is great because you can keep them all. All we are doing is understanding a core element.

For me I have chosen to focus on:

  • social enterprise
  • digital strategy
  • digital marketing

My core ethos sits around my personality:

  • caring and supportive
  • open and transparent
  • empowering others

Back to SEO

Having created content using the keyword research, it’s time to come back to SEO. The reason why it features so early on was because I offer a workshop ands support in this area. It is a massive area to cover that can’t happen in one place.

Once you have the SEO knowledge and then have committed to creating content, you should reap the rewards. By knowing the ins and outs of it all, you should be able to create a process and review process at the very least that enables your content to flow in a reasonable manner.

In my case, I am better at writing something and coming back to review it. Everyone is different.

Final advice

I must urge that you do take this process with ease. Try to find your pattern. Be happy and focused. If you start to read this and other content and follow it too rigidly, you might fall off your brand and stray away from your core theme keywords.

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